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aliosa's replays
My replays
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weird jumpthingy.rpl (68.5 KB, 9 views)
spar_1_unihunter.rpl (825.0 KB, 3 views)
spar_2_zwights.rpl (830.6 KB, 7 views)
spar_3_takasi.rpl (315.8 KB, 4 views)
spar_4_maikei11.rpl (248.2 KB, 4 views)
longest run.rpl (122.7 KB, 3 views)
parkour 7.rpl (671.4 KB, 5 views)
freerun_1_mediocre.rpl (237.9 KB, 4 views)
spar_5_bull.rpl (827.1 KB, 2 views)
spar_6_kotaro.rpl (543.4 KB, 2 views)
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Okay, since you want CnC ill give it to you.

Spar 2 Zwights: In this replay, you just kept running, and I don't mean just for the opener, I mean the whole replay is you doing a running motion, I think this is because you don't know how to control your momentum, or your tori all that well yet. I'm not gonna comment on your striking because you need balance to do that... usually. You should work on putting horse stance into your gameplay to help with balance. You also don't need to run into the spar, you can always jump. You know how to get back up and on your feet from weird positions so at least that's something you're doing well. In total you're not doing bad at all, keep at it.

Everything I said he applies to all the sparring replays.

For parkour Just work on your running and jumping and eventually, you'll get the hang of it.
haven't posted in this rpl thread in 'bout 6 months
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tricking-2-29dec.rpl (269.1 KB, 1 views)
pelvic-meme-1-28dec.rpl (138.0 KB, 0 views)
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