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The backwards gainer or whatever is a very cool trick. I also enjoyed the hop that the start. I don't really have much to say about the rest, I think you should have some more comments but I can't possibly give tricking advice. It definitely looks smoother than the last one I checked though.
oh yeah
thanks pusga for being the only person to consistently cnc my replays. here's a new replay, please, at this point i'm begging for cnc. love the new emotes btw, .
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osculum obscenum.rpl (320.2 KB, 18 views)
epoch#4209 - replays
I'm not a tricker, but I really enjoy what I'm seeing with this replay, the momentum is on point even though at times might look stiff. Keep it up!!
I should get into tricking one day...
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slowly but surely i think im getting better. will probably continue this replay, but for now id appreciate cnc on what i have so far.
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moonlight drive.rpl (363.0 KB, 15 views)
epoch#4209 - replays
smooth as always, don't know what to comment besides of the monotonic vibe this replay gives, needs to be more creative i guess, try new tricks man, do something that actually makes me go 'woah' .
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thank both you for the comments. I'll try and get more creative toad. here's some shitty tricking with kumondojo. the hook at the end was definitely the highlight of the replay. i've got to get better transitions.
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really good trick with kumon.rpl (735.4 KB, 14 views)
epoch#4209 - replays