really nice spins and momentum, your tricks are smooth as fuck my g.^^yeah practically that, your jackknives are so fecking nice omg. the pause after cork was very intense and that a-twist lacked some spin
btw we dont talk about that twitch in your scoot lol

btw join the random opener gang and do some toe pop shit as your opener for extravaganza points
gaah extended anklos. me dont like. anyways pretty good tricks, love the second kick after that initial momentum switch u took after that first trick. pretty smooth, pretty pretty. i don't know how to comment tricking lol. i guess i dont like the opener but 10/10 would look at it again tho
Giving a "hand" for skeets.
I really enjoy how stable you are on both the floor and in the air, it's very professional looking. However, this is where my personal tastes come into play. I'm an absolute sucker for speed, and this is something this replay seems to lack. My advice, map replays with some stability, and some speedy fluidity. The diversity will ultimately lead to eyegasms
Real good shit, gg
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thank you guys so much for the cnc, ill try and use it to make better replays. here's a replay i made real quick to try and get back into the game, got kinda lazy towards the end. please provide more comments and criticism. enjoy
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hush.rpl (339.6 KB, 18 views)
epoch#4209 - replays
these spins just get better and better, kind of tired of seeing sailor moons but you rock them like crazy. momentum switch thing was otherworldy :ooo

td raiz felt pretty slow compared to that sanic speed of the replay and cork chained nice

n1 man :^]
In the opener the right arm twitches a bit.

I like what you did with the sailor moon, transition with 2 tucks, only problem is that there wasnt really a transition. You just retucked and it looked a bit twitchy and stiff. try to ease into different positions more, even if it costs a bit of momentum. (Frame 330)

The reverse is really cool, the landing is a bit awkward, but that's because you got relatively little spin, the tdr out of it is a nice combo. I would've probably gone for a bit more spin to do a hook out of the reverse, followed by a btwist or a step transition etc.

The cork is probably your only big mistake take a look at frame 100.
your knee is extending really early, and your contracting hip is way ahead of all the other joints, some more patience there would've made it a lot better.

your tuck is decent, definitely not a bad job on it, but the knee contract to counter spin and land is really underwhelming and doesnt look right. I would've liked to see a cooler variation of cork on it.

overall really solid, not too much to be said, good job. 7.5/10

your arm management is quite good except in the opener. your core is just fine, but your legs are still a bit awkwardly timed.
basically a beyblade that can jump.
tricking thread
thanks all for the cnc, very useful. here's another replay, mostly meme but enjoy and provide cnc if you can.
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epoch#4209 - replays
liked the hook 2 hook, very hooky scoot was alright pretty much like any other scoot in ur replays but you couldve relied more on ur kicking leg for kroc :^]
thaank you halue. same setup as the last one but what i do out of it is very different.
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ot bop.rpl (460.5 KB, 8 views)
epoch#4209 - replays