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this replay is really frickin good

I like the start (getting up the blocks and on the building), but I dislike the way you got off the building, it felt slow. The only other thing I dislike is how much contact you made with the walls while trying to get through the little alley. The climb could be a little nicer also, I think you could get up there with 3 wall steps, maybe idk.

Oh, I forgot to mention it looked like you kinda fumbled your arm movement just before the wall step vault over the poles.
the spin was very aesthetic actually, but the hook was barely there. probably better if you just left it out
epoch#4209 - replays
thanks 4 the comment epic epoch :} i kind of ignored that replay for a bit cause the launch on the cheat is just directed for spins and i couldnt really do anything else with it

but hey guys welcome to the annual jaker moment event where i bboy !!11

pleas watch and comment its actually not dog pooper like my other replays
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ok so hi. hand movement is wonky boye and i hate you for having your ankles extended and not contracted. i love you for the rest of it tho. very nice movement and looks pretty fluent most of the time so keep it up. i'd like to see you have a go at shattering uke if we're going to keep the jaker thang going. cool shit.
Giving a "hand" for skeets.