Endurance Onslaught 3.0
you dont know how much i love the opener in ill work on it later. genuinely beautiful. mildly disappointing what you do out of it for the next 200 frames or so. After that everything turns into sex for my eyes and you make this shit look effortless. Almost looks like it isnt -30. Amazing job. Only thing I can say is that I wish you had a bit more speed and tenacity in your tricks.
bad mannered
wh-uh what the fuck is th
what the fuck is th-
what the fuck is this shit.

i dont even know. it's cool tho.
damn, that is genuinely fucking sick. the whole thing is smooth and stylistic
bad mannered
cool stuff you got just work on your run a bit it seems a little "forced" if you know what i mean.. And work on your movement mid air make it look smooth dont just hold some joints. Great stuff
Ormo | OwO | Tk | RSO
just so i follow the weekly pattern. yes is a "spar" i did with kuro and the rest are some cork variations and a really neat opener
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so i mean as you expect your boyes been doing jack shit just some scraps here and there i might do a combo out of this twist knife tho

commoner is also worth a watch is another bboy replay though i will take this one very slowly because i need to be in a very specific mood for bboying and i only get in that mood when its 5 am and ive only eaten bananas for that day
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