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My replays are art.
this is where i'll be uploading my artistic replays. bask in their glory.
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hook - scoot - cork twitch.rpl (341.1 KB, 27 views)

That cork was garbage. You are garbage. Nice hook tho. Fuck you.
|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
"Cool delfin med solglajjor" -Larfen
Well, I didn't expect you of all people to acknowledge the real talent. Almost every other genius used to live as an outcast of his own generation. How could you even compare my creation to garbage? My work is a pure art of visual communication. Every single step of it is not a "mess" as you think but a carefully measured way to draw your attention to what is really important. My work represents how society puts young people in a box by forcing them to do what they don't want to. It "amputates" the capacity of individuals, making them look "normal" compared to other people.

Here's another replay for everyone to feast their eyes on.
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overcompensation.rpl (170.7 KB, 16 views)