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"Voodooism" Recruitment Thread
"Voodooism" Recruitment!

*You will be denied if you are already in a clan*

What is "Voodooism"? Well the dictionary definition is "Religious Cult" but we are not that.
We are a Tricking/Sparring clan. However, we do allow members who main other modes/styles, but we would like our members to focus some of their energy into tricking/sparring practices.
*If you have no interest in any tricking or sparring, please do not fill out this application.*

The Application Itself:
If you have read this far I am assuming you would like to join.
Well there are no real requirements to join besides being as thorough as possible in your application and a backflip.
Yes, you read correctly, I would like to see a replay with one backflip in it.
  • Name
  • Age
  • Country
  • Replays
  • Any past clans (why you decided to leave them)
  • Strengths/Weaknesses
  • General stuff about you
*If we have met you in game you still have to fill out an application.*
No begging.
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(Deprived) > Was the only member
Don't know how to spar
I do 3D modelling, animating, gfx and I play alot of basketball

Hi Ted, I'm Liam! Happy to have you on the team.