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How to use Glow Effects
This tutorial will guide you in the process of using and applying Glow Effects.

This tutorial also applies to all item effects which can be found in the game shop, or on the forums market through the following link:

Note: Item effects can be found in 5.52 version or higher, if you're using 5.51 version or older you won't be able to use Item Effects.

Let's start with the tutorial!

::Applying Glow Effects::

1) First of all, make sure the glow effect is in your Deactivated Inventory.

There is a reason item effects don't have an "activate button", and that's because the item needs to be in your Deactivated Inventory, otherwise it won't work.
If the item effect is inside a set in your Deactivated Inventory, you would need to remove it from the set; If the item effect is inside a set in your Activated Inventory, you would need to deactivate the set first, and then remove the item effect from it.

2) Secondly, select the item that you want to apply the glow effect into (which can be: Forces & Relaxes for joints, Primary Gradients for body, and Head Textures) by clicking on it once.
You should see an option called "Customize", if the item you selected does not have that option, that means the item is not customizable, meaning you cannot apply item effects to it.

Example of the options

Once you click on "Customize", a menu should show up that allows you to choose and apply item effects into the item you want:


3) After you choose the effect you want and ready to apply it to the item, click on the "Fuse For Free" button.

Note: First fuse into each item is free unless effect itself has fuse price.

This is what it should look like in your inventory

Now, the glow effect is successfully applied into your item! all is left to do now is to activate the item so you can play with it.

::Upgrading Glow Effects::

Hey Bibian, is there anything else to do with the glow effects or are we done? Yes there is.

If you select the item that you applied the glow effects into and click on "Customize" again, it'll bring up a new menu with more options:

Menu 2

If you look at the options up top you'll notice that my glow item effect is automatically set to "Light Glow", this is normal, if you fuse any glow effect it'll automatically set to "Light"
If you click on it to see more options, it will show you three more different options: Medium, Bright and Ultra.


Each upgrade has some requirements, you either: Pay a specific amount of Shiai Tokens (ST), or play a specific number of games with the item equipped.


Requirements for all options:

- Medium Glow requires either 1 ST, or playing 100 games with the item equipped.
- Bright Glow requires either 3 ST, or playing 250 games with the item equipped.
- Ultra Glow requires either 5 ST, or playing 500 games with the item equipped.

Light is the lowest and the lightest glow effect, and Ultra is the highest and thickest glow effect.

This is all you need to know about upgrading, it's simple right?

::Removing Glow Effects::

Hey Bibian, what if I want to remove the glow effect, can I do that?
Yes, it's pretty simple.

Note: You won't be able to remove item effects unless you're using Toribash 5.53 version or higher. If you're using an older version it won't work for you.

Note 2: Be aware that removing item effects CANNOT BE UNDONE, meaning if you choose to remove the effect it will be permanently destroyed, and you will lose the effect forever.

1) Select the item you applied the glow effect into, and choose "Customize"

Menu you should be having

2) Choose "Purge Applied Effects" in order to remove the glow effect.

After you've done these two steps, the glow effect should be removed and the item will return to the way it was before, without any effects.

That's it, hopefully this tutorial will help you in using the glow effects!
I will update the thread if there is new information/updates regarding glow effects.
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