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It should be noted before reading: this is a guide meant for intermediate players.
Take some time to familiarize yourself with the game's physics before reading this!


The absolute most important thing you need to know about Lowkido, is that it's NOT Aikido. You are not going to have a fun time playing Lowkido like Aikido.

* Lowkido has HIGHER GRAVITY

Lifting is a bit harder, but so much more rewarding. You will have to get used to the gravity, as its different enough to mess with your muscle memory.

* Higher engage distance

What this means is you have more freedom with your openers, and you have to be more creative as its not always guaranteed you will get a mutual hand grab.

* DQ Timer

40 frame dq timer, which means your joints can touch the ground for 40 frames! (note that the dq timer will continue if you only leave the ground for around 1-2 frames, stay careful!)

* Matchframes

There are 11 turns in Lowkido, a bit shorter than Aikido.

Treating Lowkido like Aikido is a quick way to get destroyed by someone more familiar with the mod. Take these differences into account when you’re learning!


Because Lowkido has a higher engage distance than Aikido, you will need to be more creative, and patient with your openers.
Trying to grab your opponents hands as quickly as possible isn’t always the best option.

Getting a leg grab in Lowkido is like getting a golden ticket to victory. It is the most consistent way to win games, but getting there can be a bit tricky if your opponent knows this.
Try to design your openers to counter a leg grab, or to get a leg grab.

A defensive opener is also good, one that messes up your opponent's opener by not going in for a grab could give you an opportunity at their leg.

General things to keep in mind when creating your opener is you almost always want to be as close to the ground as possible.
Not doing so is leaving you open for a leg grab or a lift.
The easiest way to win in Lowkido is pushing, so having a way to push, or counter a push is necessary.

Winning a game

As stated before: the easiest way to win in Lowkido is pushing your opponent out of the ring, but this won’t always happen.
Knowing when to switch to winning by points is a valuable thing, I usually switch with 4-5 turns left with no clear advantage. Pivoting to playing for points if you're on the edge of the ring with a few turns left could give you the edge you need to close out the match, always keep points in mind.
YOU WILL VERY RARELY WANT TO DQ SOMEONE IN THE RING. This is very important, as I see a lot of people trying to do this, and it’s not a good strategy. The DQ timer is a tool to get out of situations, not a win condition. Your safest bet will always be pushing, or lifting.

Why are leg grabs so important? Well why are grabs so important?

Look at the grab Boost has here:

The opponent is practically immobilized just by a pec grab, there are no consistent practical ways out of a grab like this so they are very powerful tools.
Getting a grab like this on the pec is a bit tricky because of the engage distance, but getting a leg grab like this is very easy.
As a result of having to get close to the ground, your legs become very easy targets.
Getting someone off the ground is more reliable the lower you are grabbing, Combining this with a strong grab position can make for an easy win condition.

Before wrapping up I'd like to briefly remind you to remember to pay attention to your points. You never know when you might need to pivot to playing for points, so keep it in mind!


Lowkido is my personal favorite mod in Toribash, and I hope this has given you a newfound appreciation for the mod.
I am always looking for ways to improve, if there's anything you think should be here let me know!
Send your replays under here as well. I'm trying to add a section on common mistakes as soon as I can get enough examples. If you have any questions leave them here!
I'll try and answer as many as I can

If this gets enough attention I am interested in getting this guide translated to Portuguese, and Russian so if you’re interested in doing that for tc let me know, my discord is shelby#8266.

Special thank you to Sabrerage, Nasa, and Boost.
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