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dueler tier list based purely off how cool i think their name is
S tier:
Kros (edge)
Cjslick (he's cj and he's slick, fucking awesome)
Skizz (jizz)
Egoist (its like the generalizations write themselves, cool name tho)
Weed (im baked rn making this shit)
Warabi (CIS knows how to fabricate an alias)
king (literally king)

A tier:
Cicada3301 (smth about this is raw as fuck to me, like an unpolished indie rock record)
Felnin (felony? i assume theft)
iRookie (is he really?)
iTemp (who came up with this i shit, sounds cool)
Ponzo (ponzi scheme, prolly runs a crime syndicate)
Velo (and hello to you as well sir)
jojo (star platinum)
Shmevin (shmoove criminal)
Diamond (rihanna once said)
Chax (x-factor)
Rajen (ronin subordinate ass name)

B tier:
Molotov5 (feel like we're missing something)
Fire (oh, there we go)
Yuga (sounds like a japanese liquor)
Thugs (jeffery)
Winter (seems paradoxical to put winter and fire in the same tier)
billy ()

Kirito (name is cool, fuck sao)

C tier:
Visceral (Gentleman was cooler)
Mwah (your lips are dry and your shoes are ragged)
Sentral (did you not see the red line under your shit when you typed it?)
Tyka (reminds me of tyga, and that is not benevolent)
Boost (didn’t you go by empress? that was cool go back)
John (cool john? dipshit john? idk, there's a lot of fuckin johns)
captiond (captiond)

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