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top 5 lenshu players currently (not all-time)
hello u stinky forum casuals in this thread i will give my absolute BASED opinion on who i think are the top active lenshu players as of May 23rd, 2024.

of course, this list is only my opinion you're welcome to criticize my picks if you'd like. i just think if you're not an ENDURANCE ONSLAUGHT champion and a god like me, your opinion is invalid.

this list may be changed in the future depending on how this year goes sooooo lets get crackin.


in my opinion, BOOST is currently the top player in lenshu as of today. great defense and offense, isnt too bad at chasing, pretty good movement dude runs like he's about to get dicked down by bubba, overall very versatile and adapts well to the opponent. also employs strategies such as sacrificing points to push the enemy player out of the ring and turning off enemy ghost to get a better setup in the next turn. hes pretty good! ^_^

2. Felnin

oh boy where do i start? i mean hes very solid at the game his movement is REALLY good and his playstyle is just fantastic. he is very hard to beat! ^_^ in my opinion, Felnin deserves the number 2 spot on my list because he is quite good! he possesses all of the same qualities that BOOST does and when he gets going oh boy oh boy! u better watch out playa....

3. iTemp

currently the mans is not in his prime. still solid openers with some being obsolete now, still has decent movement, still has top tier game sense, very good lenshu player not better than me though but very good lenshu player. woop woop ^_^

4. molotov5

molotov5 is at number 4 on the list in my opinion because he has his own style of play and makes up his own moves on the fly. pretty good at defending as well. capable of streaking from 200k tc to 12 million multiple times and also losing it all in the same day. hes a true gambler.

5. Shmevin
hes good

honorable mentions:

iris again
actually epoch too
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tonite is haloween >.<