think deejayy741 deserves his mention in this thread, from what i've seen he was seriously good for his time, shame The Test That Stumped Them All got removed from stock tbh would've been a neat entry to the legacy category.

kiza is another player that comes to mind, pretty much only heard good things about em and their replays definitely back that up, they were a pretty ambitious and consistent player.

kristis133 is someone you will straight up hear folklore about if you're in the comp community, from my understanding he was just an excellent competitive player who would duel in anything, i think of him in a somewhat similar way to killer3366 even if that may be incorrect (i wasn't there at the time).

assassinpro has been quite prominent since as far as i can remember, i was a massive fan of his ukebashing stuff when i started out. the guy's been an exemplary member of this community the whole way, and his most recent achievements are honestly kinda jawdropping. that clone parser script is incredible, if it had come out at a time where replayhackers were still a concept that exists, we would've had some mind blowing replays because of it.

leilak. i presume the only reason he isn't legend is because everyone already assumes he is but no, he is not in fact legend.

shmevin is an obvious pick for me the guy's been 1 of the most recognizable and feared names in the competitive scene for like a decade now. an absolute beast of a player and a good step beyond "jack of all trades", he's kinda just 1 of the best at every single competitive mod lol. he has honestly pulled off so many wins only he could ever do it's incredible he doesn't have like at least 4 comp replays in the multiplayer section of stock.

molotov5, probably not getting legend just because his main (? lol) is banned and he plays on 20 octillion accounts, but the guy's just 1 of the greatest competitive players of all time and 1 of a kind. just wanted to give him his flowers as i truly believe his influence on the meta and raw skill warrant legend status.

tabby. now, of course i might sound biased here as they are 1 of my closest friends but when you really look at their accomplishments, they're possibly the best ukebasher of all time, and they're very prominent anywhere you look, really. you can probably find thousands of posts of theirs offering valuable cnc all over the replay board, not to mention their recently created ukebashing guide which is very complete and pretty much everything someone like me could've ever wanted back in 2014.

shoddy, as much as he wouldn't like to get legend from what i understand. the guy pretty much defined half of the modern concepts we use in replaymaking. his influence cannot be understated, there was a period of years where everyone was just trying to look like him (movement-wise and tori-wise) but noone could do it even half as good because he just flat out understood the game better. to this day his multiplayer replays still put most people's singleplayer game to shame, and i don't think this is changing anytime soon lol.

notnoob. despite the fact he is allergic to the concept of performing a cork and should be legally prohibited from attempting to do so ever again, he's an excellent player and he really took the idea of "flawless" replays (ukebashing replays where uke gets 0 points) to the next level, he genuinely has some insane replays and i think his current stock replay doesn't do him justice tbh.

dezrai was a fantastic ukebasher and he was 1 of the first people that gave a shit about trying to look good during ukebashing replays, was pretty influential and pretty much every ukebasher can attest to this guy being great. i think his (latest ?) replay "spire" is a bit of a magnum opus and it shows what he really amounted to by the time he stopped caring about this game.

mused, this guy's movement is just awesome and pretty much every ukebasher from 2014 onwards had a "mused phase" where we were just trying to copy this dude's sense of flow and smoothness.

splinter. didn't he found ORMO and wasn't he like the goat for his time as well? i think this might be another leilak situation where people probably just assumed he's already legend so noone bothered checking.

rcrichman, an absolutely excellent modern parkour replaymaker. this guy goes out of his way to make replays that are straight up mentally draining to replicate he has like 8000 frame long replays where the quality is honestly as consistent as it can be without one turning into the joker.

dahstevy, he really did just have his way of moving. at the time the only person that had actual modern concepts of movement was flash (the actual undisputed best realism replaymaker to walk this earth), but even without these concepts dahstevy was still doing the moves in his own way and it led to a pretty iconic movement style which noone has managed to replicate as it is the equivalent of smashing a brick wall with your head until a perfectly-crafted beautifully etched rustic door magically appears and lets you get to the other side.

jagger700, as much as his particular goals and style aren't really my cup of tea, i think his influence is undeniable as nowadays there's a whole archetype of tricker that will brute force their way through a move whilst performing a glute to lumbar transplant in order to go like 10 km into the air, and that really wouldn't be the case without jagger. i think the guy's built a pretty solid legacy for himself off of just having his own platform (his youtube channel) and consistently doing the thing he decided he would do many years ago and "perfecting" it. he also has a pretty distinct movement style due to just playing the game his own way i suppose.

as far as artists go there's honestly so many names that are just underappreciated, i'll just name a few and i assume everyone here is already familiar with their work: membrain, jebus, pheature, 13chillz (the goat), pate5, clockwork8, mind, tyler112, surfer2u (this guy single-handedly made the highest quality art in toribash history it's actually unbelievable how good he was), jusmi, etc... im sure there are others i'm forgetting lol but the general message is that we need new artist legends and there's no shortage of great artists.
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