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Skateboarding For Beginners

This is my first tutorial ever

The main joints used to ride the board:
In the skateboarding mods the most important parts of the body are the lumbar, the glutes and the abs.
These three are needed in order to keep your balance on the board.
It is just like skateboarding in real life.

How to ride the board:
There are two ways of riding the board from the beginning stance.
You have Nollie and Normal. Both riding styles require different
set ups. Both stances allow you to be closer to the ground and thus able to jump up to do different tricks.

Normal Riding stance tutorial:
1. Hold all, extend the left glute and bend the lumbar to the left
2. Space once (10 Frames)
3. Relax all and extend left glute

Nollie Riding stance tutorial:
1. Hold all, extend the left glute, contract the right glute and bend the lumbar to the left
2. Space twice (20 Frames)
3. Relax all and extend left glute

How to do an Ollie
The ollie consists to three motions: the jump, the pop and the slide

When you want to ollie from the normal stance you have to raise your arms to create an upwards force followed by pushing yourself up with your legs (by extending the knees, hips, right ankle and both glutes).

When you come to the point in which your knees are almost fully extended you start to bring your left foot up the board by contracting your left hip and relaxing/contracting your left knee. This will create the pop.

To create a good pop you have you use your lumbar. When you are jumping you have to make sure your lumbar is bended to the right and to pop you bend it to the left.

After you have popped your board the front wheels will be in the air. To catch the board you have to use your glutes. When sliding you have two options

You can contract the left glute first to create a harder pop (you go higher) and then extend the left glute to catch the board or you can just immediately catch the board by extending the left glute.

To level out the board you have to relax the right knee and contract the right hip.

-When you are in the air you need to have your feet at the nose and the tail of the board to it will not fly away
-Keep your arms paralel to the board to get straight ollies
-Straighten your board with your lumbar to land
-It's okay to hold your legs
-Too make it easier you can use a higher gravity than -15 (I often use -7)
-You will need to shift space a lot

Regular Stance:
regular stance.rpl

Nollie Stance:
nollie stance.rpl

Ollie (This was my first ollie in toribash):

Skateboard Mods

I hope this will help you
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