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How To Earn Toricredits
How To Earn Toricredits

Toricredits, often abbreviated to TC, are the currency on Toribash. You can use them for anything from customising your Tori to placing bets on multiplayer matches. To the inexperienced player, TC can be difficult to earn. Perhaps you see all these cool items in the Torishop that you'd love to buy for your Tori, but you don't have enough TC for them. This tutorial will show you all the methods you'll need to earn a lot of TC.

Multiplayer Matches

Winning multiplayer matches is the most simple way of earning TC in Toribash. For each regular multiplayer match you win, you'll automatically earn 10 TC. Unfortunately, this can often be too slow of a method for most people and can be a little grind-y. However, if you are only saving up a small amount of TC (less than 1000 TC), it's an easy method to use.


Tournaments are in-game events that have TC prizes. When you enter a Tourney server, you'll begin fighting matches with other contenders. If you lose, you'll be spec'd(made a spectator). If you win, you'll progress on to the next match. If you win the final match, you'll automatically earn the TC prize. Depending on the server, the prize will be 500 TC, 750 TC or 1000 TC. It should be noted that you won't earn any TC in these servers other than the winning prize, including the 10 TC you normally earn for winning a match. The official Tourney servers can be found in the multiplayer server browser under the public and ranked servers. Unofficial Tournaments are Tournaments set up by players. These Tournaments can have varying rules. Often, these tournaments have bigger prizes than official ones. The biggest prize ever for an unofficial Tourney was an incredible 1,000,000 TC. Standard unofficial Tournaments have prizes of around 1000-10000 TC.


In Toribash, you can bet on who the winner of a match will be. In order to earn TC off of betting, you need someone to oppose your bet. The winner of the bet takes their own TC back plus the TC the loser had bet. You can bet on any match, including your own match. To bet on a match, use the following chat command: /bet (name of person you are betting on) (amount of TC you are betting). Even though you can bet on any match, it can be difficult and uncommon to get a bet with other players. The best place to bet is on betting servers which can be found in the multiplayer server browser. If you set up your own betting server, you can use the command /house (your username) to give yourself 10% of all the TC that is lost in bets on your server. You can also set entrance fees and sell nudges (moving players up the queue for a fee). More on that here. It should be noted that betting is a high-stake and risky activity. Many players have lost all of their Toricredits to betting. It is recommended that you do not get into betting until you have quite a lot of TC (more than 10000 TC).


Dueling is quite similar to betting. In a duel, players fight a match against each other and the winner receives a set amount of TC from the loser, commonly 500-1000 TC but can be much higher. Sometimes people ask if anyone wants to duel them in public servers, but the most direct way of having a duel is to find one in the multiplayer server browser or to set up your own. As with betting, duels are high-stake activities and you risk losing a lot of TC from them, so be careful about which duels you do and make sure you have the TC to spare.

For more information on how to set up Tourneys, Betting Servers and Duels, see this tutorial.


Events are out-of-game competitions set up by players and The Event Team for players to participate in. They often have huge prizes of hundreds of thousands of TC, valuable Torishop items and Shiai Tokens. Events can be about just about anything, but are almost always about in-game skill and as such it is going to be very difficult to win them unless you are very skilled at Toribash. However, there's no harm in trying. To find and sign up for events, check out this thread.


Art has always been a thriving method of earning TC on Toribash. Specifically, texture making. Good quality head textures sell for 10000 TC or more and a full set for hundreds of thousands of TC. It does take a lot of talent and skill to make good textures, but it can be a very lucrative business. You can buy, sell and auction textures over at the art thread.


Marketing is a difficult but effective way of earning TC in Toribash. Like Art, it takes some skill to do. The idea of marketing is to buy items at a low price and sell them at a high price. As such, you need to be able to bargain with other buyers and sellers. This can be a very good way of earning TC if you know what you're doing. You can market items over at the items thread or through the marketing system.

Buying TC

Buying TC is the easiest way of earning Toricredits. You can purchase TC from the shop. The rates are quite expensive ($5 for 5000 TC, $49.95 for 100000 TC etc.) but the money does go to supporting Toribash. You can also buy TC from other players on the item board. This is often far cheaper but can sometimes be a scam. To avoid scams, you can buy TC from staff members (users with names coloured something other than red).Alternatively, you can buy boosters. Boosters increase the amount of TC you earn from winning a match. Most people are reluctant to spend their money on Toribash and if you are one such person, use one of the other methods.


Loans in Toribash are simple, and very similar to buying TC. A player who wants a loan contacts another player who gives loans and asks for one. The loaner will send the player TC, and after a while the player will have to pay back the loaner the same amount of TC plus interest. Certain players will have different interest rates, different times and different TC amounts. If you want to make TC off of loans, you'll need to have quite a bit of TC (at least 10000 TC). Have moderate interest rates of around 5-20% and give times of a month or so. Like with buying TC, watch out for scams and if you're taking a loan, make sure it's from a trusted player.

A quick note on scamming. Scamming happens a lot with marketing, buying TC and loaning. To avoid scams, you can avoid doing business with players you don't know. This makes business quite difficult, however. If avoiding strangers is unfeasible for you, make sure the account you are dealing with doesn't have a low QI (less than 100) and that they have a reasonable way of paying you back (check their inventory for valuables. You can also take a look at some of their posts and judge their legitimacy yourself. Searching on the Toribash forums is a ToriPrime feature, but if you don't have it, just google toribash and their username.

That's every good method there is to earn Toricredits in Toribash. Choose the method that works best for you, that you feel plays to your strengths as a player and most of all, that you enjoy.
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