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How to Create and Manage a Clan 2.0
~Welcome to the new guide on making and managing a clan 2.0~


Many of you may have noticed a major change in the Clan Menu, with not only the style, but how it functions all together. Here, will be a new tutorial on how to make a clan from scratch, build a clans description, and manage the clan entirely. I've decided to make a couple of easy steps and the break down of each option available in the Clan Menu tab. Make sure you go to the forums and create a Clan thread HERE, so your members will have a way to communicate besides being in-game together!

How to get Started!

How to find the Clans Menu

Finding The Register Clan Option

To get started, first you will need to know where to look to find the clan menu and how to create a clan. Once you are on the forum's main page you will discover that at the top of the page there will be a set of tabs, find the tab called, "Clans". Here you will find the Clan Menu, bring you directly to your Clan's Description. To the left you will find a tab of 3 black bars stacked on top of each other, click here to access 2 options, Clan List and Register Clan. Click, "Register Clan" to begin creating your clan. Enter the name, tag, and if you wish to add a "Clan Logo". Also, you may chose to make the clan Invite only or not.
Once you're done creating your clan, at the bottom there will be a selection called, "Register Clan", click that selection and your clan will finally be created.

Register Clan

Now you have created a clan, whats next? I will break down the 4 options associated with the clan menu with a description on what these options can do for you and your newly created clan. Here are the sections:

Clan Menu Options

Section I: My Clan

My Clan Option

This section is the first option you have in the Clan Menu, here will the the description and basically the cover of your clan. New members and curious eyes will look here to see what the clan is about and who's apart of the clan. The most important part is to make sure you follow the requirements and the rules in order to keep the clan alive and thriving! Click the link HERE to see exactly whats needed in order to ensure that your clan is safe. The link will show you a basic guide on what a clan is about and the abilities you can do with the clan itself.

Section II: Clan Wars

War Option

Next is the Clan Wars, here you will find how to start wars, see completed wars, and the event history. Just enter the name of the clan you are wanting to war, with the game limit and how many wins needed for victory, and click the button called "Declare War". I will also provide a link, here, for all the clan warring rules and guidelines needed so the clan war can go according to plan.

Clan Wars

Section III: Clan Achievements

Clan Achievements Option

The second to last thing you'll need to know are the achievements! These are a great way to progress your clan to the fullest extent, an amazing way to show the dedication your clan has to offer. Here you will find the achievement list, work as a team to accomplish these achievements and you'll gain in Clan Level, that could give you incredible perks in the future!

Clan Achievements

Section IV: Clan Logs & Lists

Clan Logs

Clan List

Finally, the clan logs & lists, its important to keep an eye on this section to know who's all joined, left, or warred in your clan. This section will reveal what the clan has done while you were away. The clan lists will give you an opportunity to view other clans around the Toribash community, and even allow to view their Descriptions to see who's all apart of that clan and how to get in contact with them! here is where your enemies and your allies will be at, and to see if your clan is raising in the ranks to the top of the clan lists,
the higher rank you go, the better you clan will be!

Clan List

Clan Logs

Section V: Leaving & Removing the Clan

Now that you have your clan setup, know what the clan menu is about and how to navigate it, what if you wanted to delete the clan itself(if you're the owner), or leave the clan all together(as a clan member). All you need to do,
as the owner of the clan, is to make sure everyone in your clan has left in order to delete the clan entirely. You do this by contacting one of our amazing Admins or Clan Management Staff to remove and close the clans description and clan discussion thread. As a standard clan member, all you need to do is go to your Clan description tab, and scroll down to find "Quit" next to your name in the Clans member list.

Quitting Clan Option


I hope you guys enjoy my tutorial on how to navigate the new "Clans" tab,
shout out to the amazing staff that worked behind the scenes to make the clan hud look a lot more better and organized! Please feel free to give come CnC about this guide and let me know what I can do to change or add in the future!

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