is it possible to preview 3D items using item.dat editing?
For example Dread Tails (which aren't available in the torishop)

Most common shiai items (with the exception of eye patch and mullet) are hairs, not 3d items.

You can preview them if you find someone with the item and copy the 'HAIR#' lines from their item.dat file, or you can use these.

All of the shiai hair items codes:

Dark Duke

Dread Tail

Mayan Warrior

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How can i stop toribash from reading my custom folder..

right click your custom folder then make all files in the folder read-only
follow this tutorial

*note that only you will see your textures using this method, if you want other people to see your textures buy the items and upload your images
so im not able to change joint colors or am i? i don't know. i understand that it doesn't work with just a number switch but is there a way to do it?

these lines are what you need to edit for joint colors
FORCOL and REPCOL are both for forces, REPCOL will show up on replays