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Youtube NextUp program
Youtube has a eventish thing going on, to help some of their more popular "directors" to be more successful, and i think giving them more resources, and views, etc.

I think its pretty cool how they are doing it, letting people vote on applications posted by these directors, and i was happily suprised when one of my favorite posters on youtube made one, so im mainly posting this to ask you to go vote for him, because he is a sexy man beast.


also check out the other people, you can vote on an unlimited number of people, but only once for a single person a day.

also heres a link to his channel so you can check out his stuff, etc.


Thanks for showing me this! This is an awesome idea by YouTube. (which I had no idea was going on)

Also, best of luck to Shyaporn. I've watched some of his stuff before and really enjoy/ed it(he has my vote).

I'm a bit unhappy that non of my personal favorites are involved but thats fine. Maybe next time.