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Chat commands and hotkeys
Оригинальная русская ветка
Hello, Toribashian!
This tutorial will tell you about all the existing chat commands and hotkeys
The contractions of commands are given in brackets

*To use these commands you don't need any server privileges(@, % or ~)

  • /join [room] (/jo) - Enter the room.
    *If it does not exist it will be created and you'll become it's operator (You'll have @ in front of your nickname).
  • /spec (/sp) - Join the spectators.
  • /enter (/en) - Enters the fight queue.
  • /pass [password] (/pa) - You have to type this command if the room is protected by the password.
  • /emote [text] (/em) - Shows the text above your Tori's head.
  • /shout [text] (/sh) - Shows the 3D text in front of your camera's current position.
    *The Toribash font (BadaBoom BB Edit) doesn't support some symbols so they'll be shown as rectangles.
  • /whisper [nickname] (/wh) - Opens the private chat tab.
  • /login [nickname] [password] (/lo) - Command used for logging in.
    • /rememberme (/rm) - Remembers current account's nickname and password.
    • /forgetme (/fm) - Forgets current account's nickname and password.
  • /search [nickname] (/sa) - Search the player among everybody who's online for the moment.
    • /refresh (/rf) - Refresh the server list. This command is recommended to use before /sa for better searching.
  • /quit (/qu) - Closes the client.

*You have to be an operator of a room to use these commands.
All the restrictions won't work for server administrators (~).

  • /passwd [password] - Sets the password to protect your room from the strangers you don't want to play with.
  • /passwd - Removes the password and makes the room public.
  • /setowner [owner password] - Sets the owner password.
    *This command can be suitable for hosting ingame events if you're not an ingame administrator.
    • /owner [owner password] - Typing a correct owner password will make you a room operator and give you @.
  • /reset (/rt) - Restarts the match.
    *Suitable when using the /set commands (see below).
  • /desc [text] - Sets the description for your room that's being showed in the server list.
  • /motd [text] - Sets the welcome message for your room.
  • /maxclients [amount] - Sets the maximum amount of players who'll be able to locate in the room at the same time (minimum - 4; maximum - 32)
  • /minbelt [games played] - Sets the qi restriction. The player having less games played won't be able to join the room.
  • /maxbelt [games played] - Sets the qi restriction as well as /minbelt, but now the player with more qi won't join your room.
  • /queuejump [position] - Sets the position in queue the joining player will take. (0 - end of the queue (standard), 1 - place of uke, 2 - first in the queue, 3 - second in the queue, etc etc.
  • /duel [amount] - Turn the duel mode on. The duels will cost the entered amount of tcs.
  • /knockoutprize [amount] - Gives the specified amount of money to the winner of the knockout mode set in the room.
  • /centerprint [text] (/cp) - Shows the typed text in the center of every player's (who is in the same room as you) screen.

/set commands.
*All the changes caused by these commands will work in the next game.
  • /set - Shows the mod settings. You don't need to be an op to use the command.
  • /set mod [mod.tbm] - Sets the mod.
    • You can also use /lm [mod.tbm] to have the mod changed.
  • /set matchframes [amount] (/set mf) - Sets the amount of frames for each match.
  • /set turnframes [amount] (/set tf) - Sets the amount of frames per turn.
    *If you need the turns to be of different length (like in aikido) then you have to type each turn's lenght using commas (without spaces). Example: /set tf 10,20,30,40.
  • /set flags [Flag] - Sets the basic mod settings (disqualification, grabs, dismemberment and fracture). However, it's often used just to enable or disable grabs.
    Flag | Settings (1 - on; 0 - off)
         |  DQ  |  DM  | Frac | Grip   
     1   |  1   |  0   |  0   |  1   |
     2   |  0   |  1   |  0   |  1   |
     3   |  1   |  1   |  0   |  1   |
     4   |  0   |  0   |  0   |  0   |
     5   |  1   |  0   |  0   |  0   |
     6   |  0   |  1   |  0   |  0   |
     7   |  1   |  1   |  0   |  0   |
     8   |  0   |  0   |  1   |  1   |
     9   |  1   |  0   |  1   |  1   |
     10  |  0   |  1   |  1   |  1   |
     11  |  1   |  1   |  1   |  1   |
     12  |  0   |  0   |  1   |  0   |
     13  |  1   |  0   |  1   |  0   |
     14  |  0   |  1   |  1   |  0   |
     15  |  1   |  1   |  1   |  0   |
     16  |  0   |  0   |  0   |  1   |
  • /set dismemberment 0|1 (/set di) - Turns the dismemberment on (1) or off (0).
  • /set fracture 0|1 (/set fr) - Turns the fracture on (1) or off (0).
  • /set disqualification 0|1 (/set dq) - Turns the disqualification on (1) or off (0).
  • /set dqtimeout [frame amount] - Sets the maximum amount of frames you can touch the ground before you dq.
  • /set dqflag 0|1 - Sets up disqualificaion flags.
    Dq | Dqflag|                         Result                                                 
     1 |   0   | Dqtimeout works inside and outside dojo
     1 |   1   | Dqtimeout works inside the dojo; outside it the disqualification is instant
     0 |   0   | No dq inside the dojo; timed dq outside (dqtimeout works)
     0 |   1   | No dq inside the dojo; instant disqualification outside
  • /set dismemberthreshold [value] (/set dt) - Sets up an effort required to dismember the puppet (Higher value = more effort needed to rip the joints off).
  • /set fracturethreshold [value] (/set ft) - Sets up an effort required to fracture a joint.
  • /set dojotype 0|1 - Sets up the dojo type (0 - square; 1 - round).
  • /set dojosize [value] (/set ds) - Sets up the dojo size.
  • /set engagedistance [value] (/set ed) - Sets up the distance between tori and uke.
  • /set engageheight [value] (/set eh) - Sets up the height above the ground where the puppets will be located.
  • /set engagerotation [value] (/set er) - Sets up puppets' rotation (in degrees).
  • /set damage [damage Flag] (/set da) - Sets the damage settings.
    Flag |                            Result                                                               
      0  | You achieve points for hitting your opponent.
      1  | You achieve points for hitting your opponent; your opponent gets points when you touch yourself.
      2  | Your opponent achieves points when you touch yourself.
  • /set gravity [x z y] (/set gr) - Sets up the gravity on x/z/y axes.
  • /set sumo 1|0 (/set su) - Turns the sumo settings on or off (1 - wrists and ankles doesn't dq when touching the ground, 0 - they DO dq).
  • /set engageplayerpos [x (tori), z (tori), y (tori), x (uke), z (uke), y (uke)] - Sets up the puppets position.
  • /set engageplayerrot [x (tori), y (tori), z (tori), x (uke), y (uke), z (uke)] - Sets up the puppets' joints' rotation. Does not work properly.
    *These two commands are separated due to their instability. All the changes concerning tori will only work after the first turn. However, when I tried to leave uke's position as it is while changing tori's one, my client just crashed.

/house, /bet and other commands.
  • /house [nickname] - Makes the player a room administrator who will earn tcs from using some commands. You are NOT required to be an op or a ingame administrator to be in a house.
    • /house - Shows the nickname of the current room admin.
  • /bet [amount] [nickname] - Bet the [amount] of tcs on the player.
    *This command is mostly used on bettings when there's enough people to have profit from the bets. If there's a player in a house in this room, a part of the toricredits restricted by the maxrake will go to him. (see below)
  • /enterfee [price] - Sets the price to enter the fight queue. All the tcs go to the house.
  • /afkpenalty [price] - Sets the fine taken from the player being afk (afk - away from keyboard). All the tcs go to the house.
  • /minbet [amount] - Sets up the minimum amount of tcs players will be allowed to bet.
  • /betframes [frame amount] - Sets up the number of frames during which players will be allowed to place their bets.
  • /maxrake [value] - Sets the maximum sum the house will be able to collect from the bets.
    • /maxrake - Disables the maxrake option.
  • /cancelbets - Cancels all the bets by paying them back.
  • /rules - Shows the tourney price (works only for stable tournament servers such as tourney1), minbet, maxrake, enter fee and afk penalty.
  • /tourneystats - Shows the house, house rake and enter fees.

*You have to be an op (@) or an ingame administrator (~) to use these commands.
The commands halfops (%) can use are colored.

  • /operator [nickname] (/op) - Makes the choosen player a room operator making him able to control other players and change the room settings.
  • /deoperator [nickname] (/deop) - Deops the choosen player.
  • /fenter [nickname] (/fe) - Force-enters the choosen player placing him in the fight queue.
  • /fspec [nickname] (/fsp) - The opposite command.
  • /specall (/spa) - Makes all the players in a room spectators.
  • /fknock [nickname] (/fk) - Places the player in the end of the fight queue.
  • /scramble (/scr) - Randomly stirs the fight queue.
  • /nudge [nickname] [position] (/nud) - Places the player at the choosen position in the fight queue.
    • /nudgeup [nickname] (/nu) - Places the player at one position higher.
    • /nudgedown [nickname] (/nd) - Places the player at one position lower.
  • /kick [nickname] (/ki) - Kicks the player from the room.
  • /ban [nickname] - Bans the player from the room.
    • /ban [ip] - Bans the player's ip adress so he won't be able to reconnect even when he changes the account.
  • /unban [nickname] - Removes the ban from the choosen player.
    • /unban [ip] - Removes the ban from the ip adress.
  • /clearbans - Removes all the bans by clearing the room banlist.
  • /mute [nickname] (/mu) - Mutes the player making him enable to chat and shout.
  • /unmute [nickname] (/un) - The opposite command.
  • /muteall - Mutes all the players in the room. Mostly used in the beginning of ingame evens.
  • /unmuteall - Unmutes all the players.
  • /knockout (/ko) - Turns the knockout mode on (loosers are auto-specced without an opportunity of entering the fight queue by themselves again).
    *You can see this command in action on tourneys.
  • /lockdown (/ld) - "Closes" the fight queue. People who were spectators wouldn't be able to enter the queue and the ones who are waiting for their turn won't be able to become spectators.
    *However, if someone connects to the room he'll be placed in the fight queue (not auto-specced).
  • /hotseat - Turns the hotseat mode on. The player being on tori's place will always play (the result of the match doesn't make any difference).
    *You can see this command in action on hotseat events (i.e. GMHotseat).
  • /status - Shows every player's ip adress.


  • /resolution [width] [height] (/re) - Sets the width and the height of the game client's window.
  • /anaglyphic 0|1 (/an) - Turns the anaglyphic rendering on (1) or off (0).
    *This command works properly only in old toribash versions like 3.69. You have to have the shaders be turned on to see how the command works.
  • /depthoffield 0|1 (/dof) - Turns the depth of field effect on (1) or off (0).
    *The shaders must be turned on. The command does not work properly.
  • /loadworldshader [shader.inc] (/lws) - Loads the environment shader.
    *The shaders muse be turned on.

    Pre-installed environment shaders in Toribash 3.94

The list of /option commands

You can "cut off" some parts of the game client design for better performance (or in oppposite add something you need) by using /option or its contraction /opt. Remember that after every command you enter you have to type if you're enabling the choosen setting (1) or disabling it (0).

  • /opt newmenu 0|1 - Enables/disables the new menu
    *Applies to version(s) 5.4 and beyond
  • /opt altimeter 0|1 (/am) - Enables/disables the altimeter.
  • /opt speedometer 0|1 (/sm) - Enables/disables the speedometer.
  • /opt hud 0|1 - Enables/disables all the default ingame panels.
  • /opt gui 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt score 0|1 - Enables/disables the score.
  • /opt timer 0|1 - Enables/disables the timer.
  • /opt chat 0|1 - Enables/disables the chat.
  • /opt spectator 0|1 - Enables/disables spectators displaying in the players list.
    *I have no idea if that command works since it just does nothing in new toribash versions (3.9, 3.91, 3.9-beta8) and disables the whole players list in the old ones (I used 3.69).
  • /opt debug 0|1 - Enables/disables the complete information about every joint for debugging.
  • /opt name 0|1 - Enables/disables the nicknames displaying.
  • /opt emote 0|1 - Enables/disables the emotes.
  • /opt shout 0|1 - Enables/disables the shouting.
  • /opt button 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt text 0|1 - Enables/disables the text displaying (doesn't work on chat).
  • /opt hint 0|1 - Enables/disables the hints displaying in the bottom of the screen.
  • /opt feedback 0|1 - Enables/disables the joint status displaying.
  • /opt message 0|1 - Enables/disables the end of match message (i.e. "%username% wins!").
  • /opt info 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt cursor 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt tori 0|1 - Enables/disables the Tori displaying.
  • /opt uke 0|1 - Enables/disables the Uke displaying.
  • /opt blood 0|1 - Enables/disables the blood.
  • /opt sound 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt mousebuttons [значение] - Sets up the mouse-controlling options (click on joint = result).
    Value||        Result                               
      1  || Full controlling (hold/relax/contract/extend)
      2  || Partial controlling (only hold/relax)
      3  || Partial controlling (only contract/extend)
  • /opt backgroundclick 0|1 - Enables/disables the background click (switching from an active object to "nothing".
  • /opt rumble 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt smartcam 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt width [size] - Changes the game client's window's width (in px).
  • /opt height [size] - Changes the game client's window's height (in px).
  • /opt antialiasing 0|1 - Enables/disables the antialiasing.
  • /opt benchmark 0|1 - Enables/disables the benchmarking.
  • /opt fullscreen 0|1 - Enables/disables the fullscreen mode.
  • /opt autosave 0|1 - Enables/disables the replay autosaving.
  • /opt rememberrules 0|1 - Enables/disables the mod settings saving up to the next game client running.
  • /opt autoupdate 0|1 - Enables/disables the automatic players' data updating.
  • /opt bruise 0|1 - Enables/disables the redness when hitting.
  • /opt motionblur 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt bloodstains 0|1 - Enables/disables the blood stains on the ground.
    *Only works with shaders turned on.
  • /opt exhibition 0|1 - Enables/disables the replay slideshow.
  • /opt reflection 0|1 - Enables/disables the reflective ground.
    *Only works with shaders turned on.
  • /opt smoothcam 0|1 - Enables/disables the smooth camera.
  • /opt framerate 30|60 - Sets up the framerate.
  • /opt avatar 0|1 - Enables/disables the head avatars' displaying.
  • /opt equipment 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt money 0|1 - Enables/disables the toricredits balance displaying.
  • /opt turnalert 0|1 - Enables/disables the game client's match alert when minimized.
  • /opt beginner 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt animatedhead 0|1 - Not realised.
  • /opt floortexture 0|1 - Enables/disables the ground textures.
  • /opt fixedframerate 0|1 - Enables/disables the fixed frame rate.
    *You can make your game client run a bit faster by disabling this option.
  • /opt particles 0|1 - Enables/disables the flames displaying.
  • /opt comicfx 0|1 - Enables/disables the comic hit effect.
  • /opt trails 0|1 - Enables/disables the trails.
  • /opt keyframes 0|1 - Enables/disables displaying of the camera positions for each keyframe.


  • /connect [adress:port] (/co) - Connects to the room by using its adress.
    *Can be helpful when the room is ghosted.
  • /reconnect (/rec) - Reconnects to the room you've last been to.
  • /hush - Turns whispers on/off.
  • /stats [nickname] - Shows the choosen player's statistics (belt, rank, qi, win ratio, number of wins and looses in this room since you've joined).
    • /stats - Shows your account's stats.
  • /clear (/cl) - Clears the chat.
  • /chatlines (/chl) - Sets up the number of chatlines (18 max).
  • /echo [text] (/ec) - Shows the text that only you will be able to see. Doesn't require the internet connection at all.
  • /addbuddy [nickname] (/ab) - Adds the player to the buddies list.
  • /removebuddy [nickname] (/rb) - Removes the player from the buddies list.
  • /listbuddy (/lb) - Shows the buddies list.
  • /addtab [tab name] (/at) - Creates a new chat tab (like when whispering).
  • /closetab (/ct) - Closes the current chat tab.
  • /chat [room] - Connects to the room so you can view its chat and write messages to the players (you'll be autospecced in that room).
    *You can use that command even from the single player when using the 3.9 version.
  • /download [nickname] (/dl) - Downloads the player's data to the "custom" folder.
  • /loadplayer [0|1] [nickname] (/lp) - "Wears" the choosen's player items on Tori (0) or Uke (1).
  • /loadgui [nickname] (/lg) - Downloads the choosen player's gui (menu) textures.
  • /zoomplayer 0|1 (/zp) - Zooms the camera to Tori (0) or Uke (1) when they're far from each other.
  • /cacheflames (/cf) - Downloads all the existing flames to the flames cache.
  • /loadflame [0|1 id id id id id] (/lf) - Loads the flames (5 max) with the choosen ids and wears them on Tori (0) or Uke (1).
  • /loadscript (/ls) [script name.lua] - Runs a script.
  • /exec [file.tbs] - Runs a file with commands.
    *The file must have a form of "%name%.tbs" and it has to be located in the game's root folder. All the commands should be typed without "/" in it.
  • /matchmake [mod.tbm] [minbelt] [maxbelt] (/ma) - Enters the matchmake mode with the choosen settings.
  • /history (/hi) - Shows all the entered messages (commands are included, too).
  • /povshot [name.pov] (/ps) - Makes a screenshot in the .pov format for the POV-Ray rendering.
  • /exportworld [mod.tbm] (/ew) - Saves the mod's world objects to a new mod.
  • /exportrules [mod.tbm] (/er) - Saves the game rules of a current mod to a new one.
    *Mods are saved to the game's root folder. To play them you have to move them to the mods folder located in data.
  • /exportworldshader [shader.inc] (/ews) - Saves the shader's data to a new file.
  • /loadreplay [file.rpl] (/lr) - Loads the replay.
  • /savereplay [file.rpl] (/sr) - Saves the replay.


  • Basics
    W,A,S,D & shift + W,A,S,D - Camera controlling
    F - Save a replay
    G - Enable/disable your puppet's ghost
    B - Enable/disable both puppets' ghosts
    C - Hold all / relax all
    L - Grabs/ungrabs when moving cursor on the non-fractured/non-dismembered wrist
    V - Grabs/ungrabs both hands
    Z - Extends/contracts the joint
    X - Holds/relaxes the joint
  • Replay Viewing
    ctrl + [ - Play the next replay
    ctrl + ] - Play the previous replay
    R - Play the replay from its beginning
    P - Pause
    • shift + P - Play the replay frame-by-frame
    E - Enter the replay editing mode
    K - Save the keyframe
    I - Delete all the keyframes
  • Single Player (Free Play)
    R (P) - Play the replay without finishing it
    ctrl + N - Start making a new replay
  • Chat
    Enter/T - Open a chat window
    Tab - Show more chatlines
    Pgup - Scroll the chat up
    Pgdn - Scroll the chat down
    Home - Scroll the chat to its beginning
    End - Scroll the chat to the end
  • Other
    ctrl + L - Open the flame forge menu
    ctrl + Y - Show the sound menu
    ctrl + U - Enter the matchmaking mode
    ctrl + J - Enter the flame browser
    ctrl + M - Enter the mods menu
    ctrl + G - Show the game rules
    ctrl + H - Enter the shader menu
    ctrl + enter - Fullscreen mode

    f5/f6/f7/f8 - Take a screenshot
    ctrl + f7 - Take every frame's shot into a .pov file

Translated specially for the English speaking community
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there is one more /passwd to make the server public thanks for the list Sir


Originally Posted by urbancake View Post
there is one more /passwd to make the server public thanks for the list Sir

Oh yeah, forgot to edit it. It was kinda broken when I was writing that tut ;o
I think there is another command that make the server private or Im wrong
by the way Awesome work sir its even better than the old one actualy its 100 time better than the old one :o
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"/zoomplayer 0|1 (/zp) - Zooms the camera to Tori (0) or Uke (1).
*No idea if that command works since I haven't noticed any changes when using it."

If the players are too far one from the other that comand zoom the one u want.
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Tessh: did you try to use it? Actually, I've tested it on 4 versions (3.69, 3.8, 3.9 and 3.9beta-8) and there was no visible effect. So yeah, in theory it should zoom the camera to one of the players, but does it work?
Might be a bit late, but /zp 0 and /zp 1 both work. Doing /zp 1 has no effect in SP at first because it automatically zooms to Tori. Load a mod like running.tbm and /zp 1 and it should glide on over to Uke. Just make sure you're using the camera it chooses when you press 1.
Oh,i don't know why /sa don't work and what is the /lockdown or /exec
but this help-me much.
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