Update please to stuff liek CTRL + Q
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Typing "/pause game" in multiplayer pauses the match, and "/unpause game" un-pauses it.

You need to be a spectator/not playing and an OP to use it.
[03:39] <idabosswiz> can't you just set up a pass for ddos?
Most server commands are really outdated now, I hope I'll finally find some time to check that all through and make an update :/
(If someone wants to do that earlier though, I'd be extremely grateful)
@cookie, if you mean ghost, then turn down your graphical options.
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update that I saw that needs to be added is the chat expansion is now defaulted as `/~ (I forget the name of the key)
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Oh yeah, forgot to edit it. It was kinda broken when I was writing that tut ;o

But how can you use the opener command(/ope). I dont have any idea how to use it.
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But how can you use the opener command(/ope). I dont have any idea how to use it.

it shows your joint states via /echo command (20 letters and two -/+ symbols) - "/ope 1" to see uke's opener, "/ope 0" to see tori's one.

"h" stands for hold, "r" for relax, "f" is shown when you press "z" one time while hovering on joint, "b" is shown when you do that twice. +/- show grab states, + means that you were trying to grab your opponent.

It's a bit weird because of "f" and "b" letters though, some joints contract when you first hit "z" while hovering on them and others extend instead.

Actually the same message is being displayed on the sides of the timer in the beginning of each fight since 4.5 or so.
I'll add the command to the list with the update, got it in Russian already.