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How to succesfully recover and make a come back reslisticly

There isent really a tutorail on that, its something you have to learn
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tutorial on making see through textures and trails please. like atual textures but not all solid, part transparent

Check this out...

Quite hard to answer Stracked's question, you'll have to be more specific, more details...

But if you mean like in "clan images", then you'll have to take an in-game image of all the toris, remove the backgrounds and then place them in a singular image.
This is something which takes your time...Good tc though. I don't have time to make a detailed tutorial for this though.
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Can soemone make a tutorial on a cork and folha ( the ones i found on youtube dont work )
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can you make a tutorial
How to rip your wirst off (like dexter does) ?

It really does not need a tutorial since it's quite simple. It's just a matter of squeezing your wrist to your pec, to do so, just contract a pec, elbow and wrist, and click on the hand to grab.

If you want a more in depth thing, PM me.
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