Can we have a tutorial on how to have different gravity on 4 player Toribash? I have a link to the tutorial on how to get 4 player, and it's right here.

I can only play on 9.82 gravity, and I want to find a way to use -30 gravity for a 4 player spar.

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/set gravity 0.00 0.00 0.00.

Change the last 0.00 to change the gravity vertically.
Change the second 0.00 to change the gravity horizontally.
Change the first 0.00 to change the effectiveness of Gravity on the players.

Look trough the tutorial index before requesting tutorials.
I've been looking, I even took the time to search for it in Chrome's omnibar, but I can't find a decent skeet tutorial.
Hello I'm new to Toribash and I thought it would be the place to post my tutorial requests.

My first request is simple, how do I kick in toribash? what joints do I need to contract, hold, ...

I would like a simple kick that would hit the opponent's legs or his head, and I don't care about how much frames will it takes.

My second request is : How do I separate myself in two in the air? I think it would be usefull as a last resort technique!

Hope to see some answers!

This is a really good friend of mine, it really does help. It probably would help you too, if you'd be willing to use it.

Seariosly, there is loads of tutorials for making decent/advanced head textures, just outside this thread.

To help you (evt. Others) out more...

For more experienced people...
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I'd like to request a tutorial on running, or a link to one that already exists.

There ya go!
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