cameritec, Go to a subforum (subforums are the things you see on - tutorials, the game etc) and press the "new thread" picture.

VAATI, just like any other texture. You buy it from torishop, go to "torishop - textures", upload your texture and woala. The entire torso consists of l_pecs, r_pecs, chest, groin, stomach and breast.
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Ok, sooooo I've been making pictures with GIMP a long time, I have been that lucky that I haven't been in any need of changing the size of the pic or what I copypasted. Soooo..... as you all understand by the time you have been reading to this point "." I need someone to tell me how to resize the pics or copypasted items.

Sooo, can anyone do this for me?

Edit: I think this got into the wrong place, just forget it.
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a full comprehensive tutorial on the chat commands. I know there is that one, but i think it is outdated. i cant find the info i need in it.