thanks flyerr, what i really wanted to know was how you turn on and off the feature that forces someone into the fight right when they enter server. It doesnt seem to be in that thread either. maybe i am trippin tho.
I want to see some tutorials on how to make tribal and other styles of head and body textures in GIMP.
I'd like a tutorial on how to get into a walk/run in SP. Now observe how i use the words GET INTO a walk/run. Know what i mean?
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JamZam, just lean yourself foward using the ABS, relax your knees and start moving your legs.

If this isn't what you mean, then no.. I don't know what you mean.

tioribash1, ... wtf?
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Can anybody here give me a detailed instruction post on how to make a head texture on GIMP to see if it works? I'm having some major problems working out the kinks.

If possible, a YouTube video would be the best explanation.
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Open up gimp, make a 128*128 file. Draw something on it. The head will appear on toribash like this:

Save the document on your desktop as head.tga (head being the file name and .tga (targa) being the format).

1) If you have a head texture, go on Torishop - textures and upload your texture. It will appear on your toribash characted after a few minutes.

2) If you don't have a head texture, make a new folder under \Toribash\custom named "test", put your head.tga in there, go to singleplayer and type "/lp 0 test". You will then see the head.

As for how to draw a nice head in gimp, that's completely up to you, there are many tools and functions to use. If there would just be one tutorial for it, everyone would be making heads that look exactly the same.
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Alright, I got that part down. But I have problems like duplicating a picture over a line.

Like I tried to make a smiley face, here are the problems I experience with it.

1. I make an eye on a yellow layer over the ToriHead. Now after I make the eye and fill it with color, I don't know how to duplicate it and flip on the other side.

2. I don't know how to take unwanted space off a picture to copy and paste it over another layer in the pic. Like if I get a red eye with a white background, how can I cut the white off in the pic?
If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
i would like a tutorial on how to make you own font. read Make your own font not chaning one in toribash

many thanks