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Tutorial on how to shade shit in Gimp? (like the old PT logo)

This thread is for requesting toribash related tutorials only.

Try Google.
I wants a keyframes tutorial.
[RelaxAll]Nikelaos:Kickass is chained to this clan with indestructible shackles, his balls are also superglued to the chair.

for getting a head texture u need to buy an item called: head texture. they are cheapest at the market.
you can find it with the dealfinder for about 1900tc.
when you get it go into shop in the top of the screen, and then look at the left side of the screen for something called: Textures
in Textures you can put and image ind the item and press upload
about 5 mins later you will have on the head texture ingame

hope it helped
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I wants a keyframes tutorial.

Here's one.

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does anyone have any idea about mine?

Make your server then, type /set desc ^"45" "Nermado's Server", and it should change the color of the desc, which is similar to the room name.
Kick breaker?
EDIT:MY first post!!However,I have been playing this game for nearly 2-4 months......Hey,thnx for making this thread....Anyways:

Does anybody know how to do a move where you pull the left side of your body back,force your right side foward so that you kick his lower body off,and he flies back and you lean back,grab him by the chest and punch his head off?

I know it seems like alot,srry bout that.

*I got this idea while thinking of WWE and RAW*
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