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I don't want Tori Rig , I want Simple Blender tutorial to make simple object

Here: Start at his earliest videos and work your way through the episodes, you'll be learning in no time.

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Can someone make a really in-depth texture making tut? I know people have tuts on texture making on here, but I never can understand them. I just want someone who makes a tutorial that will really help beginners and really give you the key basics on texture making.
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Can someone tell me how to change the colors etc. of my in-game menu? I really want to change it.
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I need a spirit wrestling tutorial.
I Dont specifically need moves i want to learn how to make my own moves and how to plythe mod properly
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Requesting a tutorial on how to mirror LAYERS in photoshop, like in gimp. I just got photoshop and tried to mirror a layer but when i do, all my layers get mirrored like as if they were linked together or locked, but they aren't, ovbiously....

So, in gimp i go like Duplicate layer>Transform>Flip Horizontally

In photoshop i try the same, but it doesn't work...