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Who Will Win World Cup 2014?
Just wanted to see who think will win, if you watch football.

I think Germany. They have a great goalkeeper, awesome mids, and Gotze as striker, and he's good there.

Some other picks would be: Brazil, Argentina, Belgium possibly, and Spain, plus some more.

Who do think will win?
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Personally, due to the conditions that will be in Brazil during the world cup, I believe a south american team will win the world cup.

These teams are used to playing in such hot weather conditions, It's something you just can't adapt to within a few weeks of being there. Stamina can be hinged massively when put into such a hot atmosphere.

My predictions: Argentina to win, as personally I believe it's Messi's year to achieve exactly what Maradona did and live on the legend. If that fails it'll be either Spain or Brazil.

I live in England so I have no hope for us to get far, but our squad looks very promising in the future.
France all the way \o/

Sure they have had shitty chemistry in the past, but they're working on it and have been looking very good in recent friendlies. It's their time to shine, I can feel it in my colon.
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I just want Argentina to win, just to see Brazil's reaction.
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I got a problem thinking anyone but clan [no] winning it.

They're just toooooo solid
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