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Thoughts on name changes.
Name changes, the most effective tc sinker that has ever existed. But is does it have benefits? I personally think otherwise. First off, it ruins your identity. When you have one name for a while, it sticks. One example of this is dupbuck/complexity. D/c is still called Dupbuck sometimes, and I'm pretty sure that you think of dupbuck when you see complexity. Even though it's changed, It's still sort of the same. On another thought, name changes can be entertaining, or maybe funny to some. An example of this is when veb changed is name to vebkdkdkdkdkd. Yet another, when you're already called a certain name, so you change it to that (which is fine in my opinion.) In that case, we can focus on Hxcbbqimo. A lot of people called him hax/hacks, and he referred to himself as hax on his youtube channel. He later changed his name to DrHax. But, the worst of name changes in my opinion has to be when you have a lot of either negative, or positive reputation. In these circumcisions circumstances, I think it's best just to avoid it. For example, killppl/Calamity. I've known killppl since he started art, so I was confused when a player named Calamity had killppl's avatar. Killppl has had an identity on Toribash, and a uniqueness to it. 13chillz and 4edrick don't have ideal names, but even so, I would kill them if they changed it. Your thoughts?
You have to appreciate that name changes are purely cosmetic and that whether or not a name change is "worth" it boils down to the person who is changing their name. Some people have the TC to throw around and some people are just not happy with their usernames but are happy with their accounts - provided they're happy with the name change I would say it's always worth it.
collect snots from the nose
Plenty of benefits. You could now have all of your stats, and an easy name for people to remember. Builds publicity.
Chickster: I literally don't know why I did it.
no, i mean it has numbers, which has been said by other players as a sign of a bad name
you have a good name
Sometimes, yes. 13chillz is a rather... ...rare case. It is a very well known name because it fits well and is more of a fad/phrase now. Your name needs to stand out. That is rather hard when it is un original.

For example: A name like, Duck, for instance, would stand out more to me than 12pottyduck. It makes you wonder about the work and the dedication that user has towards toribash. Good names have been more of a symbol or an idol for most people. Some players with good names can make you puke though, but it is more noticeable.
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Chickster: I literally don't know why I did it.
i'm still hobomoose
i just chopped my name in half

it depends on what they change it too
i personally like peoples' original names for the easy identification
i feel like name changes slowly wipe the past name's slate clean
dunno if that makes sense
don't talk to me or my dudes ever again

good namechanges exist even when the previous name is fine.
What I don't like is that people choose really bad names like Complexity or Calamity, which give off a very 'Trying to hard to be cool' vibe.