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'hobo' 'soap' 'note' 'poop'
All cool names, but not tryhard.

yeah but poop has been poop
soap was just a name change to get back to tb as a new name
mine was hobomoose - moose = hobo, so not much change
but if you change your name from top/bowlerhats to note then you're just looking for something new

eg undead21>beta>rawr>beta>flow
also @organs (more forced tho)

and then some are just to be noticed more
it honestly took more than a few weeks for me to change my name
and i still think it was dumb

name changes aren't bad nor are they dumb
they're just regrettable and a waste
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I like to think I did ok. I regretted it for a while, then it got to stick a bit and I found myself liking it.

It's different case by case, so it's pretty hard to say that name changes are always bad.

hi hobomoose
nothing much

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good namechanges exist even when the previous name is fine.
What I don't like is that people choose really bad names like Complexity or Calamity, which give off a very 'Trying to hard to be cool' vibe.


@OP thanks for referencing me
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Sometimes, yes. 13chillz is a rather... ...rare case. It is a very well known name because it fits well and is more of a fad/phrase now. Your name needs to stand out. That is rather hard when it is un original.

For example: A name like, Duck, for instance, would stand out more to me than 12pottyduck. It makes you wonder about the work and the dedication that user has towards toribash. Good names have been more of a symbol or an idol for most people. Some players with good names can make you puke though, but it is more noticeable.

Duck may stand out more than 12pottyduck, but because it is such an unoriginal joke/name, it just seems dumb (first hand experience)
i guess you can call dupfuck



but all jokes aside I don't think that it really that it doesn't really "ruin" your identity. Its more of a change for ones aesthetic (inb4 someone changes their name to aesthetics). Although I do agree with organs, some name changes can be pretty ridiculous.
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I fucking hate my name, would change it for 100k tc anyday.
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My name used to be "hushpupp1e" (the dreaded number-name syndrome)

Everyone I knew called me "hush" anyways...

Typically shorter names look classier, too. It's all about aesthetics.

Stellar's name change was gay though
OBLIVION94 was a bit too much, but 70 changing his name to Numbers was a crime.
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I have had 3 name changes and it has not effected how I am perceived. People can remmeber other names so it doesb't destroy your persobality as you said
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