This video is really really awesome ! Great job Sly and Jusmi, you did insanely good. Looking forward to play the steam version.
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trailer is so misleading it's not even funny

"this game is super easy and these players didnt spend years perfecting the game"
collect snots from the nose
where's the part where i get scammed and haxed
also community

none the less well made video, was still nice
woo steam release
don't talk to me or my dudes ever again
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the trailer is bad there's no me in it.

you nearly got into it.
Now lets wait for the mystical download button to appear.
great trailer, especially begotten and swex parts, some replays are meh, but in any case, i'm glad to see tb on steam and quite surpeised to be included at all,

anyway, i would not be myself if i would not point out something...

free to play cathegory is the most viewed on steam, so i don't understand decision to put toribash in indie cathegory instead of free to play which could have gathered possibly much more people to download and try it. and well toribash is free to play gamee in the first place, no?

other than that, looks good
Hrm, not sure if putting release date as 2006 was the best idea. Now TB doesn't show up in new releases under free to play.

Can't hampa put the steam release date?