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sumo wrestle ban?
Hi i install this game on steam yesterday and i play akido and i use my sumo wrestle move

But people get very angry and they say this move is bad but its working
Please learn to appreciate sumo wrestle i practice this move hours everyone is hate me

I like that you call it sumo wrestling. People get mad about the technique you're using (shovelling/sumo wrestling or whatever you want to call it) because it's an easy move to set up and execute and apparently pretty difficult to defend. Keep doing what you want to do, if it works, it works.
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It is fine to use moves which are quite easy to do and hard to defend against as long as you do not act like it makes you good. If someone shovels (lifts up and pushes forward with straight legs and arms) me then I will not tend to get angry unless they act like they have just done something impressive. I like to try to do moves which look cool in aikido whenever I can so I can pursued myself that if I was taking it seriously I could've beaten them (I probably would lose anyway but I like to lie to myself). Another annoying thing is when people only use one move which they have memorised because that is not really playing the game, that is not what it should be about. I understand that starters are silly to make up on the spot so memorising starters is fine but if your movement for every game is identical then you might as well be a computer program.
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they are very angry at me

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Just ignore them, if they can't counter you, obviously they are the ones who needs to learn how to!

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it's a "shovel" and it's been around for ages.
people often hate on it because it destroys the fun of playing and also because it's easy to preform and kind of hard to counter.
obviously, you aren't forbidden to use it so, do what you want.
As was said in the ingame chat you are using the same move. I think people are more surprised at how easily amused and how boring you are as a player than they are angry at losing. Does it honestly not get boring doing the same thing every time with no challenge or variation in the game?

Sorry if this is harsh but nobody responded directly to my previously comment which is annoying...
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Lol all your threads get closed because of this. I suggest stop you might get banned

Edit: Also we already had a name for that, it's been around fora long time it's called "Shovel/lift" quit trying rename are beloved scrub moves <3
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