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Oldest belt's ages
Hi, as you see i'm custom belt (Sherlock did a good work today) but i'm 14 y/o

and i feel a little young but still good

would like to know your age guise

not you orange belt more like 10th dan's > Elite belt

thank by advance
I think i have 4 black belts, and I used to have a 9'th dan, and this is a 3rd dan, and then I have a brown belt, and some that are a bit lower.

I'm 11
I sell TC and I give loans. PM me for info.
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<augans> youre my thiggist
<Muze> Id like to say, I don't apologize, I'm a tough guy in irl and I will be a tough guy in a video game. Ok that's it.

I am 18. I suck at this game. White belts beat me every day.
Chickster: I literally don't know why I did it.
I am 16, I also suck at this game. But I still play it for lols.
I'm a game developer for other games.
Ping me if you have a query or general question unrelated to this game.
i bought qi am i cool yet
also 16
don't talk to me or my dudes ever again
I am 14 and 1 10th dan, 1 5th dan and 1 brown belt
But hey, you bought 14k qi mr ;)

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