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Sumo tutorial professional in depth
1. sumo introduction
2. sumo basic
3. sumo someone try to counter ur sumo? ROFL
4. sumo vs sumo how do you win
5. sumo finishing them off
6. sumo make sure u know this
7. sumo end


Hi i am GoodGrab7 and i will teach you sumo akido tutorial professional

I am MASTER SUMO and this is my current sumo rank and i will teach you about sumo

This rank should go better soon because i am MASTER SUMO

I also beat master belt and black belt big wins when i am new i am MASTER SUMO

Winning vs big belts easy

Winning the master belt just saying i am the true master here i am sumo master


Now lets get to the tutorial here is the basic sumo move
This is the most effective sumo start and will fit most situations

Step 1:

- Lower both shoulder
- Contract both pecs
- Relax both hips


Step 2:

- Raise both shoulders
- Extend both hips
- Grab with both hands (risky and situational)
- Rotate chest / lumbar if needed

The second turn is where you need to react and think a lot to be sumo master.
Learn this in this next chapter.

3. sumo someone try to counter ur sumo? ROFL

Now you did your sumo opening, but now you see that someone is doing a move that is designed to counter it.
Example of this move is ANGLED KNEE ATTACK and many others.
There are no true counters to sumo you can beat all of these if you know what you are doing.
There are 2 major ways to beat a sumo counter.
The first way is extending your body like normal but NOT GRABBING on the second turn but on the third turn, this is very effective most of the time.
The second way is not extending your body at all and then looking for an opportunity to do so.
Only use the second method if you know for sure they are not in a position to lift you up.
Make sure to use the chest and lumbar to plant your feet on the ground steadily and make them lose balance.
This conclude third chapter of master sumo.

4. sumo vs sumo how do you win

Ok so you found yourself a fellow good player in a game of shitters?
I will teach you how to beat him.
Execute step 1 sumo like normal never use a different opening move.
Then execute step 2 like normal but

- Right Rotating chest
- Right Bending lumbar
- Contracting abs

This will give you to the sumo edge to win the fight.

4. sumo finishing them off

When you do a successful sumo lift you have to make sure you do not let their feet or hands touch the ground.
Trying to lower your shoulders and contract your hips for a stylish finish might throw the game if your are not cautious.
Here are the most effective ways to finish

- Manipulate the chest and lumbar to lower the chance of the opponent landing on their feet
- Keeping your shoulders and hips extended while using your glutes to finish is the most effective way to win
- Extending one hip while keeping another contracted is a zero risk win if they are lifted far away already



When you are almost parallel with the ground and it looks like your hips/knees are going to disqualify you you can manipulate your glutes to save yourself and pick up your hard earned win

6. END

This was the GoodCrab7 tutorial I hope you learned you can hit me up for 1v1 if you want i will easily wreck you I am the sumo master.

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