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Icky, do you take tc in exchange of real money?

Read the big red notice in the bottom of the first post.

Please do not annoy other staff members by asking to sell you anything for a lower price / TC.

Also this:

Features available for purchase and the price list (PayPal only):

These are the only other ways to buy customizations with TC:
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is there a way to reverse a user title?

yes you can simply reverse your own usertitle by the usertitle shop option in the market page.

Or you can probably ask an smod+ to return it to whatever you'd get from the forum via post count.

You can't return it to something you had before without paying for it though.

Also, shop is live again.
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Just so everyone knows,

im still doing this even though im not admin.

Also, shop and the current prices are currently under-review, just incase we want to add/remove anything as well as change price ranges.

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can we pay via steam?


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wait so If I remodel one of the things but I like hand the file to you, I still have to pay full?

yup, you're not paying for the making of the item on this shop. There are shops for that, or you can do it yourself. This shop is for uploading it.

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Who is handling this now since Icky isn't an Admin anymore?

what Krieg said
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If you want to change your name you can send the TC (100k if it’s your first one) to any admin (the red guys) or $25 to Icky (which does not increase per change) as seen in the OP, and PM them with the name you would like and to see if it’s available
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