Pimp is now MS Trial, good luck 2 him

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Once again:

Jarmund hasn't been a sysadmin for years.
Also there was a former sysadmin named "jms"

The current sysadmin is a guy named Rugops, but afaik he doesn't have an account
Also, add count to ES mod and art squad.
And for the third fourth time, Bloggers don't exist atm

and Kyure is a former admin Na

Other things - K

sysadmin things - looking into it
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erth is no longer an admin..

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Ya boy Caique2000 is an Item Forger now.

Orko and Icky are the Event Squad Leads.

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Originally Posted by AssassinPro View Post
Regards is ES now !!(!)

I believe he means me and autocorrect fucked him over?
Yeah I am ES now.

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10:17 PM <~Creati0n> GAS THE DUELERS
6:35 PM <&Fear> good job reta you are now the King Admin
6:35 PM <Typhon> Gj Reta god

Hahahah Retro got fired, this is the best day of my life this is a huge loss and we are all miserable because of it

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Firstly, there are 14 ES, and secondly add trials count to them.

Still no trial/full members count (unless it shouldn't be there)
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