How about no. Do I really need to explain that if we ban people for losing in events, then nobody will want to take part in them. And there's more to a ban than a laugh.
Might want to make another pub twinswords server, I always see it at the top with a lot of players. currently 13/18
More Quick Aikido servers, there are currently 4 which are always full, I love quick aikido.

This is a long shot but... Official duel servers? 500tc, 1,000 and 5,000?
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I love many people on this forum such as ...
I respect...
More quick teakyon
Teakyon is the best
Also add a quick ninjutsu
And a public ninjutsu
For us black belts lol
TeamG23 l TeamAkido l Team Teakyon l Team Ninjutsu l TeamVoC
More twinswords, blackbelt lenshu3, and support for dropkick stable duel servers.
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I love the suggestion of an official fun mods server which changes to a different fun mod each day/week/whatever. I think that spirit wrestling was a good mod. If you want a good silly but skilful mod I would advise wonderskates because it looks cool and isn't too easy. I think that mods like acrojousting are better than normal jousting.

That is about it. Sorry if these suggestions are random/stupid.
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more greykido.tbm I love the pads to save yourself with
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