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favorite toribash item(s)
Do you have a favorite 3d item in toribash and why?

While I personally don't use it, I like "The Staff" item because of the memories tied to it. It was the moment I realized I was pretty good at texturing.
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I'm also a huuuge fan of the Toripurge Mask because it is the RAREST Item on Toribash.

It's undeniably the best looking 3D item that’s been made on Toribash since it’s inception. And one you’ll probably never get the chance to purchase ever again.

I present to you


Should you be so lucky as to become crowned the next owner of the Purge Mask, you’ll be gifted with the single greatest bragging right one can have on this game:
An item owned by no other

There’s no dick measuring contest you could possibly lose.

He's been the sole owner of the Mask for over 6 years now, and has been approached by many with tempting offers. All of which he's rejected. It’s an item he holds in high regard and so, he regrets having to resort to such measures, but circumstances have left him no choice. The Toripurge Mask is now for sale.

That being said, he refuses to sell it at anything below what he deems is its appropriate value. Any stupid offers will be promptly rejected.