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[Nabi] Aikido World Championship 2013

Hello everybody!

We are happy to welcome you at the greatest event of the passing year!

The year of 2013 which brought us a variety of great events is coming to an end but there's still something special we have been keeping in our secret labs.

An event that is rather short yet superior to anything else that you've ever seen in Toribash.

Why are we so sure about that?

The Aikido World Championship has outstanding prizes, uses one of the most beloved mods of Toribash and is determined to make you feel nervous as if you were at a real martial arts championship.

Aikido World Championship lasts for one day only.
No more months-lasting events that make you bored a week after their beginning!

During that day, a number of knockout tournaments will be hosted where everyone will be allowed to try their best and make an attempt to win.
Winners of these tournaments will be gathered once all knockouts are over and will duel to death.

Sounds intriguing? Then here are all the details.

How it will run

On December 28th, Saturday, a room called "nabiaikido" will be set up.
UPDATE: don't spam connects after the tourney has started, you won't be able to enter. Wait until the next tourney starts
UPDATE 2: Rooms aren't lagging anymore, correct room names are broadcasted some minutes before each tournament start

Once it is set at midnight (0 GMT), a non-stop marathon of 16 knockout tournaments held in aikido.tbm will be hosted which will last for 12 hours
Times may vary depending on knockout tournaments' length

After that, at 5 PM (0 GMT), we'll pass on to the next championship phase which consists of a number of duels.

Here participants will be put in a ladder and fight until there are only 4 players left.
(Access to these rooms will be restricted but all matches will be streamed at our twitch channel (will be announced a bit later) so don't worry!)

The final of Aikido World Championship is the all against all stage.
4 remaining players will face each other in first-to-3 duels.
This will last for as long as it takes for these die-hards to smash every last joint out of their opponents.

The player with the best Win/Loss ratio will become the honourable Aikido World Championship 2013 Victor.


Make sure you read them!

Yeah, they are awesome!

Third place: Custom-named color set of your choice

Second place: Custom-named color set of your choice and 700000 TC

First place: One thousand US dollars

Start time for different timezones:

Los Angeles, USA: Dec 27th, 4 PM (16.00)
New York, USA: Dec 27th, 7 PM (19.00)
London, England: Dec 28th, 12 AM (00.00)
Berlin, Germany: Dec 28th, 1 AM (01.00)
Moscow, Russia: Dec 28th, 4 AM (04.00)
Yekaterinburg, Russia: Dec 28th, 6 AM (06.00)
Beijin, China: Dec 28th, 8 AM (08.00)
Sydney, Australia: Dec 28th, 11 AM (11.00)
Auckland, New Zealand: Dec 28th, 1 PM (13.00)

Round 2 participants


And the winners are:

SainTD - 1st place and $1000!
NutHug - 2nd place, 700k and a custom-named color set
S7ing - 3rd place and a custom-named color set

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Do we see the future? No
do nabi are willing to give a member 1000usd? Maybe it will incourge more player but I dont think so
just wait and see what will happen

do you even lift? NO.

Buying/Selling heads by great artists? Shoot me a PM
Originally Posted by blubkill
do u know the correct answer? no.

i hope a similar tournament like that will happen, maybe with a lower price. would still be OK.
cuz i just forgot to participate, aargh ;(

thats why i said:
Originally Posted by scorpionma
just wait and see what will happen

nobody knows the correct answer
just wait
and the added the smile just to make the post friendly
.. in a way..
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alright I am done with the tournament would be going to another tourney or whatnot so cya :>
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