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Nabi MysteryDraw
Welcome to the Nabi MysteryDraw. This competition will be running until the end of October.

One could say this is a "continuation" of the QuickDraw-thread, an MK-2, if you like. But the rules will be altered slightly.

I will from one time to another be posting riddles, quizzes and otherwise intriguing stuff. The prize for finding the answer will always be 10k. Now, here's some more structured rules:

1. You can only answer once per riddle, so weigh your answer carefully.
2. I can assure you most of these riddles will be un-googleable, so there's no use in wasting your time with searching the webs :P
3. I will up prizes and give more hints the longer time you use in solving a mystery.

In any case, here's the first one:

"As time ensumes, it revolves,
the lectures learned and the paths of fate,
I am everything, but still much more,
all the deeds you've done before,

Tell me, what am I?

Mystery solved by Nightmare: I am Life!"
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Originally Posted by leyz View Post
there already was answer like your

I know, there were already ten LIKE mine but on the chance that they weren't clear enough... or if they were just a little off, I said the most acurate thing i could come up with with some more explanation than the others. I believe others were alike but not the same.

"A son is the son of his brother.
Show me how this family tree, and each of their statuses would work out."

Not only have a showed how this would work, but i've also shown how thier family status's would work out. Which may be the difference he wanted.

I can draw a picture if it isn't clear enough.
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how about this :
old woman (like 50yrs) has young lover (18yrs or younger), they have a child and the woman raises them both as brothers.
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Originally Posted by FiverBlue View Post
A woman had a son, married that son, and had a kid. That kid is "me"

So my father is my mother's son.

So I am
a grandson and a son to my mother
and a son and a half-brother to my father

That is absolutely correct.

For lulz, one might also add that the son would be his own uncle, and the father would be his own step-dad.

But in any case, this is the correct answer, and you provided it 3 hours before closure ^.^

Now, all of you that liked these threads; don't worry, there will be another one, with another concept. Just check the events board regularly ;)
Ok cool! ^_^

Just wondering (not out of impatience) when will I get the tc? Because this is my first thread i've posted on and first win and I'm not quite sure how it works/how long it should take. THANKS!!
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