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[LvP] Opening Event.

This is the opening event for the whole of the Llamas VS Ponies theme for this month.

It will consist of each team (Ponies and Llamas) being paired up against each other for each individual to have ONE fight (best of 5) against their opponent from the opposing team.
The pairs will be decided by the GMs according to closest GMTs.

Whoever wins their match will be allocated 2 points to their individual score and 2 points to their team score. Then that is it.
This event is just to get a basis of points on the board for the teams.

Paired Matches (Llama team --- Pony Team):

GMT -10/-11/-12:

GMT -7/-8/-9:

GMT -4/-5/-6:

GMT 0/-1/-2/-3:

GMT 0/+1/+2/+3:

GMT +4/+5/+6:

GMT +7/+8/+9:

GMT +10/+11/+12:

Adjacent Time Zone List

So, the results of these will be logged points-wise in the main news thread.
Once a match is played. The usernames will be italicized (Llama --- Pony)
And the victor of each match, once played, will be made red.

If a player fails to turn up to their match, their opponent will win by default.
If you are to ping during a match in the best of 5 sequence, you lose that particular fight. But can then play on, assuming you return to the battlefield within 2 minutes.

Every match will be supervised by a GM. So no sneaking about.

If you do not participate in this event, your team will not gain any points from you for this event.
So be sure to participate.

Once matches are paired, a time will be set for that timezone/availability period. in which the match will commence. Don't miss it or your opponent wins by default.

Event ends on the 14th July.
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New Zealand

PM Erth, he loves it.
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Pony team
GMT +3

Depends on when this event will start,if it's before next week(next monday),then I'm available almost anytime.
pony team
i will probably be avaiable from 2.30pm-5pm
R.I.P. [Sigma] and (team waifu)
Pony team.
GMT+9:30 (Adelaide, Darwin region)
Available on weekdays 4pm-6pm
Available on weekends 1pm-7pm
Sup guys, my GMT is +10 (Melbourne, Australia) and on weekdays I can hopefully make time from 4 pm - 10 pm

On Saturdays I might be able to do 3 pm - 10 pm

Sundays I'm available for most of the day. 10 am - 10 pm

It will be a lot easier to play if I get PM'ed the day before.
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team ponycorn,

My GMT -4

Available 4 pm-12 pm Every day

PM me prior to my match of course.
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Llama team !
GMT +1
Available on :
Wednesday : 2 pm - 7 pm
Sunday : 10 am - 8 pm.
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