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[MS] Rags to Riches

Hosted by the Market Squids!

Art by Yiazmat

Think you're a top-tier marketeer? Then put your money where your mouth is and battle it out in the economy to earn the most TC. Can you go from Rags to Riches?

Each contestant will receive an account with 20,000 Qi (So you can buy any item you need), and you are to use this account to do your marketing. It will have a special character at the beginning of the username to hinder the account from going ingame. This account will be permabanned after the event is over. You will have 5k to start with (provided by you as an entry fee). From there, you will use this alternate account to buy and sell items in order to gain TC.

To enter the event, just post saying here saying "Sent the 5k" or something of that nature and send 5,000 TC to "Marketeers".

1. You may not receive any TC from any other form of monetary gain other than selling items (this includes asking people to give you huge discounts on items due to the event).

2. You may not market using textures (art), as this would be much too difficult to keep track of.

3. All transactions must be done through either SafeTrade or through the market (you cannot send TC directly or receive an item directly to or from users).

4. If you receive 3 infractions on your alternate account, you will be disqualified from the event and the TC you gained will be taken.

5. You cannot use PayPal or any other way of transferring real life money to gain TC or items.

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Anyone found to be transferring items to or from their event account for any other reason than for legitimate marketing within the rules of this event will be immediately disqualified and have a hefty ban placed on their main account. Please don't try to cheat the system. We want a fun and fair event here.

The 1st place marketeer will receive a collectible item (it's a secret for now), a special achievement, 5 Shiai Tokens, and you will be able to keep your special account.

The 2nd place marketeer will receive a special achievement and 3 Shiai Tokens.

The 3rd place marketeer will receive 1 Shiai token.

The top 5 marketeers will receive a TC prize determined by how well they did compared to everyone else and how many people participated.

Equation for the top 5 marketeers' prizes

All members below the top 5 will be able to keep the TC (and items, given the qi required for the items is equal to or lower than the qi of your main account) they made and send it to their main account after the event is over.

The event will start on May 20th and end on June 20th.

Entries will no longer be accepted 24 hours before the event starts. Midnight on the 19th (0 GMT)

If you have any questions, PM a market squid.
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You've sent 5,000tc to Marketeers
Good luck
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This is by far one of the best events i've seen.

You've sent 5000 TC to Marketeers.

When will the accounts be sent? And if you win 1st, will you be able to go ingame with the special accounts?
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The account information will be given to each user when the event starts (says at the bottom of the thread, May 20th).

And no, you will not be able to go ingame with it. It will, however, be useful to marketeers, as it acts as a holder account for high-qi items.

Sheva: we discussed that, and decided you have to sell the items. That way people won't just stock up on items rather than selling them. It would also be hard to determine an exact worth for the items.
But for those of us with high qi accounts already, it will just be there as a reminder or 'souvenir' of our victory, in a way, seeing as it serves no other useful purpose. (If you win of course)
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Do we get to pick our names?
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