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[GM] Battle of the Classes

Event finished

Battle of the Classes

introductions and abilities


- 2925 & 2926 dual hand flames will be given to top scorer of the event.
- The next top scoring players of the event will receive 6/4/2 ST for 1st/2nd/3rd place
- Top scoring players in every class that didn't receive previous prize will receive 1 ST consolation prize

- The winning team's Main Force will each win the item of their class.

- The winning team's Backup Force will receive a 50% one-time discount on their class item until August (cannot be used together with discount coupons)

- TT discount coupons to last two teams standing

The event lasts until only one class remains. After 1 month since posting the event thread, measures will be taken to ensure sudden death.
Event finished
Congratulations, medic team!



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I want to join the Sniper class.
I'm a ToriAgent, got any questions? Send me a private message here.
all in for the Sniper class
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I want to join Pyro class Please

yes im the 10th person i pyro im the main force
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Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
Sniper class plz <3

aw shiz toxic beat me to the last slot by a whole 60 seconds...
looks like im the first backup force.
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#MediK class pls
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