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[GM]ToriSanta 2015
Name sending starts now ~ Solax

Deck the Torihalls with boughs of Toriholly, Fa la la la la la la la!
Tis the season to be Jolly, Fa la la la la la la la la!

Good morrow children, your favorite festive event is back once more! Are you ready? - I certainly am, the merry tension could be cut with a turkey knife!

ToriSanta is back ready to send out ToriPresents straight to your ToriDoorsteps!

In this event, as usual, every jolly little munch-kin participating will be given the name of another. The person who's name you receive is the person who you will act as Santa for.

In order to join in with the Christmas fun all you need to do is post in this thread before Christmas eve eve (23rd December). You will be put on the nice list and then a little later you shall be given a name, exciting!

Once you are given the name of the person you will be sending lavish gifts to, it is important not to tell them or anyone else that you are their Santa, as that would ruin the Christmas surprise and land you a spot on the naughty list! Now all you have to do is plan what you will give them and wait until Christmas Day (25/12). From then you have 3 days to send your presents to each other. Do not fret little ones, someone got a Christmas PM with your name on it too! Remember to give generously in the name of Christmas and hope your Santa gives just as generously.


Now that that is sorted, here come some other mini creative events for you to feast your little eyes upon.

Christmas Card Event

Christmas Poem Event

One account per person.
Entry to this event closes on the 23rd of December.
Names will be sent between the 23rd and the 25th.
Gift sending starts:
In order of preference:
1. Send on Christmas day (bonus points for figuring out their GMT and making sure it's Christmas day wherever they are)
2. Send ASAP before Christmas day if needed so they have it for Christmas day. (Good option if you know you'll be too busy on Christmas)
3. Send anytime after Christmas up until the 29th of December which is the deadline of the event. Failing to send once this date is reached will be bad.

Failure to send the presents by the 29th of December will result in being in the naughty list for a week.
There is no minimum sending value but you must send something. Also be generous with the spirit of the season.
Any whining that is caused by this event will be ignored.

nice list

So that's it. Have fun and remember to thank your Santa afterwards.

The background for the banners is credited to here.

Used with the license: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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I want to be on either list.

I shall place you upon the nice list for all to see ~ SmallBowl
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Count me in!
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
Count me in boss. I will also be writing out a poem.
here's the poem, definitely to change:

Santa Hampa

the cheapest things are made out of the finest materials.
this can not be said.
but hampa was a poor man
but his smile was made of the brightest gold
much like the color of christmas
and while this man hadn’t much, he persisted on giving
to the children who had nothing
and give did he do
and one boy once said to hampa
“all i want is esports for christmas”
and so, in 2006
hampa gave him esports
but hampas giving was put to rest
when he was shot in the chest

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I got oreo extra sweet cookies and Cow god milk, nice list come at me! (a.k.a add me on the nice list or santa won't have oreo extra sweet cookies and Cow god milk)
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I'm in, add me to the nice people please.

Also do I have to be rich to become a secret santa!?
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