Hello, welcome to tb
hope you enjoty your stay here
that is if kot isnt lazy enough to show you every content there is to this game
and show you every single mod this game have to offer
aon a second thought he will most probably nit do that
but have fun anyways
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Originally Posted by Typhon View Post
How dare you worm, Kozmonaut commands many bitches ;;..;;

And i command him...
Please don't turn this into a spam fest, it's cool how he got his girlfriend to join, but let's keep this thread dedicated to it's purpose which is welcoming her. Thanks.

Also welcome to toribash.
Rapid Threads Lmod.
Got any questions? Feel free to ask!

NO zwout we're supposed to be immature and welcoming. When you act all cool like that with your selfish it may scare her off ;(

Welcome to toribash. I am not saying this just because I'll get infracted if I don't. Enjoy your stay and browse through the hall of shame.
(Leash)ApatheticP: plz dont use me
(Leash)KaZyDog: I only use attractive ppl dont worry about it
welcome to toribash pls dont give up playing this game we really need new members this community is slowly dying
Welcome to toribash! Enjoy your stay! Ask me if you ever need help on something if someones bullying or being rude to you tell me and I'll contact a person to talk to him! Thanks and have a toribash life.