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We all know by now that tb will hopefully make it to steam, but will the massive steam community trying tb all at once cause overflow in tourneys and such?
Can we expect more tourney rooms to be in place along with other rooms that are permanent? Possibly even an upped amount of tc in more professional mods while silly fun ones for beginners to play reward a little less.
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How come? I wasn't around when Unibash. Explain what happened?

Uniteam didn't really do anything, and what they did was usually what the existing staff were already doing, there was just no logical reason to leave Uniteam around.

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It's going to be free, people will put time into a game that is free just because they can. A lot of people will come. I'm not saying the first day on steam will be like omg it's crowded, but I am sure that over time there will be a massive spike in accounts created.

yes, a lot more accounts created, but how many will stay? Toribash has a very steep learning curve and I can guarantee most players that come as a result of steam will stop playing within a few days.
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A little offtopic
I am VERY interested what will happen to the trading in tb once it hits steam
Also steam will allow players on play on terms. As in, players will probably have friends from their friends lists to commonly go ingame with them. Maybe it will keep them around a bit longer.
Especially if they manage to find the mod list hehe
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Please, if you're gonna argue about whether Toribash should be free or not, don't do it here.
There is actually a thread for exactly this purpose.

Anyways, on topic of giving more room to newer players, would a reformed Unibash help the newer players better than the old?
If Toribash would be accepted by Steam, we would have a large player increase, and we will have a lot more demand for teachers. And unofficial schools are great, have nothing against that, but some will always want help from a more official school, and that's why it would seem that Unibash would help.

But I'll need some more info on the Uniteam, about how they weren't 'doing' anything.
I kinda thought they were in game teachers, but you make it sound like they were forum staff?
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If you could build a force that would be actively represented on Beginner servers, constantly sitting the people there, introducing them to the game and the forum, I think that Uniteam would be justifiable.

Plus, with some people that actually teach around the forum and not just announce that they'll do it, possibly publishing lessons from time to time.
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
I like the idea Oblivion gives out, it will solve the issue people leaving because they feel lonely when they first start out in the game. If they babysit these servers, fewer complaints about rude comments will come in.

I agree with Oblivion.. I think we should bring a new team to sit in the beginner servers and teach newbies about the game/forums.. maybe bring the uniteam back?
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I'd support the revival of Uniteam. I was a part of it until it got shut down, and me and Assazin were actually sitting in the beginner rooms. It was fun.
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I agree with Oblivion.. I think we should bring a new team to sit in the beginner servers and teach newbies about the game/forums.. maybe bring the uniteam back?

as far as i know it's gms task to do so, the fact that they're inactive is just a detail.

instead of creating new team it'd be better to improve existing ones.
Gamemasters job is to entertain the current users afaik. They create events(tournaments, bet servers, forum events), and most of the gm's are great at their job but have a life too so that much work can be overwhelming. Its best to create a team whose main focus is helping out new players, it used to be pretty epic when back then the tori-agents were babysitting beginner servers and just chatting with new players.

The Tori-Agents were merged with the GM's and the later accumulated the sitting beginner servers duty. I'm doubtful about the GM's managing to fulfill this though.
The easier way to get this rolling is skipping the bureaucracy associated with creating a new team from the ground up and just recruit a couple GM's that are more oriented to introduce beginners to the game.

We're derailing the thread a bit, so I think it wouldn't hurt to create a new thread with this suggestion.
I'll talk to Erth later today, hopefully, and take this to him as he is the head GM now to see what he thinks about it.
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.