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Welcoming myself .3.
I'm extremely new to this -don't beg in public boards ~lite-
And Supermond is a good man! you all should like him! He doesn't scam because he just sent me 40k for a card thing! it was good
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Hello there and welcome to our community! You can call me Lite, feel free to contact me if you need help ;)
Also, I've moved your thread to the correct board and removed the begging part. Begging is not allowed in public spaces.

Hope you enjoy the game & community
Welcome to Toribash, feel free to pm me if you need any help getting to know the place.
I'm the Event Squad Admin. I am also an ex-Clan Squad member. Have any questions about clans or otherwise? PM me.

Discord: Typhus#0201
splish splash Aeon is still trash