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"About Me" Option
So, I was thinking:

Imagine if you could make a description about you for everyone to see. It would appear when you click on a player's name in-game, the drop-down tabs appear, & 'About Me' would be one of them.

Or this could be added on to the information tab.

I think a 50-letter limit would be fair.

Should this be considered? It's not useless & it's just a small addition.
In my opinion this is a great idea! I think it should also say everything that is said with the /stats [Player Name] command.

Chances are you are looking at one of my videos in the post above anyway, so here is my youtube channel.
This is a very good idea. maybe like a 75 limit would be better, but hey!

Supported more than I have supported.
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Obviously made by code:
This will be a funny thing... oh yeah imma have my fun there.....
Matharu is cool
hmm, maybe someone will do things like:
"hey, you, visit my yogurtube channel and suscribe https://www.yogurtube/channels/"
you know what i mean
anyways, if this is implemented i will put there a link to my deviant art profile :v.
Well, i guess it`s a good idea.
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ummm, a bit useless
there is already signature, no need to make 50 letter about me
ppl will still use it to import links and such, no one will use it to write about him so, it will be same as signature, and signature thing appears in posts and the profile page, so no need to make this
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So you're saying it can also be used to link people's website profiles? That seems pretty cool to me.

Plus, a few people don't know about this forum.

People might write about themselves. You can't predict what people will do.
Thanks, I guess.

This seems useless because it's just a small addition, huh?

I came up with this because to me, Toribash has been awfully anti-social, with everyone keeping silent & all that awkward stuff.

I just thought a small description would help Toribash be a tiny bit more outgoing, so you could read someone's description, & maybe you'd make a friend because their description matches yours.

Well, whatever. I just thought this wouldn't be labeled 'useless'.