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"About Me" Option
So, I was thinking:

Imagine if you could make a description about you for everyone to see. It would appear when you click on a player's name in-game, the drop-down tabs appear, & 'About Me' would be one of them.

Or this could be added on to the information tab.

I think a 50-letter limit would be fair.

Should this be considered? It's not useless & it's just a small addition.
how about update that page no one uses aim no one uses icq no one talk with yahoo change that shit
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ah yes a forum with millions of posts

very antisocial

You forget about what I said, m8.

Some people, namely beginners, don't know about he forum.

& plus, if this is so small & useless, why are you still trying to prove it so?

I'm not even gonna argue, it is small, it's not useful, but it has a use.
I think this would be most useful in-game, not in the info tab. I think it is a good way to get info in-game without going to the forums. Saying it's useless makes no sense because it would save a ton of time, and make it easier for everyone. And, even if it didn't save a lot of time, it's a small change.
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