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mosier i remember when you didnt host a promoteam tourney and made phail do it cus you were baked lol

I'd like to think that I was giving my protégé some practice cause I'm an amazing mentor like that.

no but really

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rekt, also what is ur favorite replay?

The one where I come back from retirement to help RAWR win the clan league with my amazing TK skills fosho.

Paging Siku to link the god-tier replay
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5:13 PM - vasp: everybody's nuts is so good
[00:18:38] <&vespesi3n> you should see when i swallow
[21:49:37] <&vespesi3n> >my mouth when
[21:49:43] <&vespesi3n> >my tastebuds when
Mossy sup. Ya'll faegs. he sucks ingame, when he wants to ,but hey - he's one hell of a guy overall. also miss fighting you broh