I had a long time to rust.

I enjoy this again.

Let's see if i can go another 4 pages without anyone posting anything, that was beautiful
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]S[ Kurokaen.rpl (433.7 KB, 42 views)
toe launch daddy
I really loved this replay I would say the opener needs work
but the rest is golden. You were consistent and quick. Your kicks were also
very clean. Great replay <3
first spar in almost a year

surprised with how much i remember, this may be my return *trigger happy*
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]S[ Mubbleu.rpl (597.6 KB, 22 views)
toe launch daddy
did a quick spar with one of my main sparring partners back in the day, Marrez

this is the first spar ive done in a while that I'm pretty ok with

ft standing cork for no reason
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]S[ The Return of Mardo.rpl (483.4 KB, 18 views)
toe launch daddy