amazing stuff xioi, i really liked the beginning and end k.o looked really nice in that spar.
you guys fell off a bit after the start but came back and made it looked great
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#FreX - KossaMuUU.rpl (424.8 KB, 36 views)

Idk how, but managed to wrap around in some way
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#FreX - Dafuq just happened.rpl (422.4 KB, 20 views)
Youshallnotspar.tbm (14.6 KB, 12 views)

BAck again with shittyness,

Rusty so excuse some twitches, but feel like i did pretty well. Fun as fuck doing spars again,

(if anyone wanna spar shoot me a pm, wanna try doing more of them)
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#FreX - Beyblades.rpl (516.5 KB, 28 views)

love the style.
each replay, even in some flaws
you show your own way of fighting.
i love it. and cant wait to see you come back
again too. :P
~Smoke Weed
Bumpi bumpo

got more and more careless of how i looked through this. So es meh replay. fun doe
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